Zed Run Clone Script |How To Create a Blockchain Game Like Zed Run?

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Zed Run Clone Script is a readymade clone script that allows you to start NFT virtual horse racing gaming like Zed Run. Our Zed Run Clone platform lets your user buy, sell and breed digital race horses.

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a blockchain-based online horse racing game and digital collectibles platform. It was developed by Virtually Human Studio and launched in 2019. In Zed Run, players can buy, sell, breed, and race virtual horses using cryptocurrency (specifically, Ethereum). Each horse in the game is represented as a unique non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain, which means they have distinct characteristics, such as breed, color, and racing performance. We provide you with various gaming solutions as per your business requirements as a leading NFT game development company .

What is Zed Run Clone Script?

A Blockchain-Powered NFT Digital Horse Racing Game Script to Launch an NFT Game Similar to Zed  Run is called Zed Run Clone Script. Anyone may create a Zed Run NFT game and Zed Run marketplace platform, similar to Zed Run, where NFTs (horses) compete with one another for a high return on investment, using our Zed Run NFT Clone Script.

Features of Zed Run Clone Script 

Zed Run Clone Script would typically include the following features, emulating the functionalities of the original Zed Run game:

  • NFT Integration
  • User Wallets
  • Marketplace
  • Breeding Mechanism
  • Race Betting

NFT Hrose Racing platform like Zed Run: How To Launch It?

Launching an NFT horse racing platform similar to Zed Run involves several key steps. To help you through the process, here is a general outline:

  • Market Research and Planning
  • Conceptualize and Define Features
  • Select Blockchain and Smart Contract Development
  • NFT Horse Attributes and Rarity
  • Wallet Integration
  • Marketplace Development
  • Launch and Deployment

The Best Place For Zed Run Clone Development Platform 

GamesDapp is a reputable blockchain game development company known for its expertise in creating blockchain-based games and NFT platforms. If you are considering developing a Zed Run clone, GamesDapp could be a strong contender for your project. Here are some reasons why you might consider GamesDapp for your Zed Run clone development :

  • Expertise in Blockchain Technology
  • Proven Track Record
  • Customized Solutions
  • Smart Contract Development
  • User Interface and Experience Design

The current market Value Of Zed Run Clone Script 

With a 24-hour trading volume of 37.8 million USD, the current price of ZED RUN is 2.029995 USD. In the last week, ZED RUN's price has dropped by 44.56%, and in the last day, it has dropped by 11.40%.


In conclusion, a Zed Run Clone Script serves as a foundational tool for creating a horse racing platform similar to Zed Run. It encapsulates the essential features and functionalities needed to emulate the experience of buying, selling, breeding, and racing virtual horses as NFTs on a blockchain. The market value of such a script can vary based on factors like customization options, licensing terms, and additional services provided by the script provider.

However, it's crucial to approach the development of a Zed Run clone with careful consideration. Legal and regulatory compliance, as well as adherence to intellectual property rights, must be prioritized to ensure a legitimate and secure platform. Moreover, building a successful platform entails more than just code; fostering a community, providing excellent user support, and effective marketing are vital elements for long-term success.

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