What are the processing processes for the text patterns of Card Game Printing?

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When customizing Card Game Printing, many customers do not understand the text, LOGO and pattern processing technology of Card Game Printing. In fact, it is the Card Game Printing of logos, patterns or text to make the product more attractive or illustrative. In general, the quotation of customized Card Game Printing needs to be quoted according to the process required by the customer, then what are the processing processes of the text pattern of Card Game Printing?

1, hit convex, embossed

Raised and embossed flowers are also called embossed flowers. The process of locally changing the bearing object through pressure to form a Card Game Printing pattern. It uses a concave and convex die to plastic deform the substrate of Card Game Printing under a certain pressure. Thus, the surface of the Card Game Printing art processing. There are two kinds of cheap ordinary etching plate and expensive laser engraving plate.

2. Hot stamping

Hot stamping is commonly known as hot stamping, hot silver. Heat the metal plate and apply foil. Gold or silver words or designs are printed on the surface paper of the Card Game Printing. With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging technology, the application of electrochemical aluminum stamping is more and more extensive, and it is the most commonly used technology in the customization of Card Game Printing.

3. UV

Ultraviolet is short for ultraviolet transparent oil, which is dried and cured by ultraviolet irradiation. The text pattern is printed on Card Game Printing paper with a coat of varnish (gloss, matte, inlaid crystal, golden onion powder, etc.). Its function is to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the text pattern and LOGO, protect the surface of the product, high hardness, corrosion friction resistance, and not easy to scratch. However, UV products are not easy to bond, and some can only be solved by topical UV or grinding. The latest UV technology includes 3D stereoscopic UV, which realizes different effects of Card Game Printing, such as bump, touch, bright color, reverse UV, scrub, gold and silver stamping, etc. This greatly improves the appreciation of Card Game Printing.

4. Color printing

Color Printing is Card Game Printing using color to copy images or text, divided into spot color printing and multi-color printing.

5. Film covering

Laminating film is a layer of transparent plastic film pressed on the printed face paper, crystal film, light film and matte film.

6. Die cutting

Mold cutting is a kind of cutting process after the packaging box is processed. The mold cutting process can be cut according to the pre-designed drawing, bottom cover or other paper products made of die cutting knife plate. Die cutting makes the shape of the packing box no longer limited to right angles.

Card Game Printing https://www.thpkgg.com/Card-Game-Printing