Who is the best Gym Leader of Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Compared with previous games in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces many NPCs with unique personalities and refreshing qualities. Regardless of the series, casual players are keen on Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale. Sword and Shield utilize the importance of previous simple characters and enrich their personalities and contribution to the overall narrative. Because of this, several Gym Leaders of Pokemon Sword and Shield have become favorites of the Pokemon series.

As in the previous Pokemon games, players must cross the Galar region of Sword and Shield to challenge the leaders of the gymnasium and collect the Gym Badges. However, this game changes the traditional Pokemon battle. After defeating the challenge of the Gym, the player will face the leader of the stadium in a sports-themed stadium.

The Dark-type leader Piers is one of the most influential Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym leaders. Although Piers was absent in most of the early games, his appearance as the Seventh Gym Leader and accidental leader of Team Yell paints a picture of what Chairman Rose's influence has done to those who won't bend to his desires.

Another Gym Leader who became familiar in the Pokemon Sword and Shield story is the Dragon-type leader Raihan. The battle with Leon was first seen in the opening cutscenes of the game. Raihan is the eighth Gym Leader player to face. His goal is to defeat Leon, the champion of Sword and Shield, and he considers himself a true opponent of Leon.

Raihan is a character who is as easy to connect as Piers. His surpassing the second-best goal is heartbreaking for those who defeat him. Nevertheless, Raihan is very friendly to Leon and supports him, and does his best to be the leader of the gym, even knowing that one day a new champion will likely take Leon's place that may not be him.

Pokemon Sword and Shield provides fans with a unique perspective on the lives of gym leaders outside their positions on the battlefield. It is hoped that future Pokemon games will include NPC storylines similar to Pokemon Sword and Shield, creating more exciting characters for players to team up or fight during the journey. Also, PKMBuy always provides the best service for players, so that players can easily Buy Pokemon