How do I get there? Pest Control

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You may also use your Minigame Teleport to travel around. Start your quest tab and then go to the Minigame (red) part.

There are several ways to access Pest Control on OSRS. The most straightforward method is to use the Pest Control Teleport. It is a reward for Treasure Trails. It can be purchased on the Grand Exchange. These are often cheap however should you be an Ironman or don't have the money to buy one, fear not!

You may also use your Minigame Teleport to travel around. Start your quest tab and then go to the Minigame (red) part. Select Pest Control and then teleport. This method is able to reach the destination once every 20 minutes.

There's always an old-fashioned method regardless of whether one of these newer methods is an alternative. Continue south to Port Sarim and you will see the Squire NPC. Contact her for a a boat ride straight to Pest Control.

Game Requirements

Combat Level

Pest Control requires a level 40 Combat to play. There are three kinds of boats. One is required to be 70 Combat, the other 100 Combat. Higher levels bring more rewards.


For a game to begin it is necessary to have at least 5 players. Try World 344 if are struggling to find others to play with, or to complete the minigame. It's the official Pest Control World and is usually full of other players playing the minigame.

There are private worlds that you can find when you use the high-level boats. A majority of them will have a minimum level requirement that is displayed. Make a proposal to trade when you meet this requirement. They will exchange a specific amount of coins that relates to the "private world". If a person puts 303 coins in the trade then the entire world will be 303.


Even if you are successful points, they won't be awarded to participants who didn't participate enough. Each time you play, you'll need to keep your activity bar on green. If the game ends while your bar is red there is no chance to earn any reward.

The easiest way to keep the bar up is to attack Portals and Spinners. These two monsters provide the biggest increase to your bar, and other monsters offer an average amount. There are a few non-combat-related methods to earn points by fixing gates and barriers. This will be explained in greater detail in the Minigame Guide section.

Minigame Guide

This is an enjoyable mini-game that is safe! You will not lose any items in the event of your death. However, your statistics will be fully restored when you respawn. Bring your best combat equipment (non-degradable recommend).

Hardcore Ironman deaths are not a risk as well. Dying inside of the minigame doesn't mean you have lost your game. You will be able to come back and keep playing.

There are a variety of ways you can get involved in Pest Control, as we have seen. There are a few essential "roles" that could be played. These roles are not so well-known as they are in other minigames but they are crucial to completing a game effectively.

Attacking Portals

To be successful in the game of Pest Control, you have to be able to destroy all 4 portals prior to the Void Knight in the middle of the island is killed. This is the most critical job that is available to all players with an increased level of combat.

There are a few different ways that portals are dropped. Generally players will flock to different portals and take out the one that has the shield drop first. It will be easier to stay at the current location when you have many players, and the shield drop is on the opposite side of the map.

Continue to fight the monsters that pop up, regardless of whether the shield that guards your portal is falling or not. Particularly, Spinners. Spinners will heal the portal, and if a lot of them are accumulating in your body, you'll have a difficult time removing the damage they cause to their healing.

The other monsters will begin to move into the central area to take on the Void Knight. Do your best to stop them, but keep your focus on the Spinners and Portals.

Protecting the Void Knight

Even with a full game that has 25 players it isn't easy to win the game with only a handful of players guarding the Void Knight. As the game goes on, monsters will be spawning out of portals and heading straight for the center (unless attacked).

The Shifters will make quick advance to the center of the map, and they will be your primary focus. Torchers are also able to strike the Void Knight far away from gates, making the threat extremely far-reaching. To prevent them from attacking, make sure they are closed and fixed.

The number of players doing this highly depends on the size of your team and at their respective levels. I generally consider this more appropriate for players of lower-mid levels since they can be more destructive to monsters than portals.

Repairing Barriers/Gates (Non-Combat)

You can certainly still engage in combat using this method, but if you do not want any combat experience this is what you'll be stuck with. You'll need the Hammer!

It is advisable to stock up on some regular logs if you intend to do this method for a prolonged period of time. Pest Control has a limited amount of trees that aren't in a position to reproduce. You may not be able access the items you require when there are other people doing it.

Kandarin Headgear could be useful in this method. You'll be able to collect two logs per tree while you are equipped. This item is very easy to obtain and requires only 40 Combat.

Fastest Points

The fastest way to get points is to use the most powerful boat that you have access to. But, this is only in the event that the boat isn't failing any games. It is possible to continue moving down a level when you lose games on a high-level boat until you win consistently.

The novice boat receives 3 points, the Intermediate boat receives 4 and the Veteran boat gets 5 per victory. You're better off having multiple wins on the Veteran boat if you lose many games at a time.

If you can meet the criteria of "private" worlds typically, you'll be able to win high-level games on a regular basis.


Void Knight Armour

Void Armour is without doubt the greatest reward available from Pest Control. This minigame can only be played by those who wish to acquire this armor. It comes with extremely low stat requirements, and offers an incredible accuracy boost when the entire set is in place.

For its extra Prayer, Magic, and Ranged buffs, the Elite version of the armour can also be highly sought-after. After completing the Western Provinces Hard tasks you can improve your robes or top with 200 points.


The points you earn can be traded in directly for experience in combat skills. This is commonly utilized by players looking to make unique accounts since you can earn points without actually engaging in combat during the game.

If you trade higher amounts of points, you will receive bonus experience. It is advised to wait until you have at least 100 points before you trade your points in If you intend to use this account for training. You can actually receive well over 100,000 experience per hour in any combat ability (excluding Prayer) with this method.

Resource packs

There are three available resources packs that are available for purchase. Each one requires at least level 25 in their specific ability (Herblore, Mining, Farming) to be purchased.

These packs typically only give an assortment of low level items, and aren't worth it unless you have points you don't plan to spend on other things. Ironman accounts can access all these packs so it might work well for you. There are generally better ways to obtain these items though.