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Properly, he may additionally have, however if it's so it has nothing to do with what he's just asked you

to do! Male chastity and male VigorNow  orgasm denial are rather not unusual fantasies for guys, for motives all of us who doesn't proportion that fable would possibly by no means apprehend. But it is adequate. We don't should understand it, due to the fact we are able to actually experience the blessings (extra on those later in this male chastity faq). For now, suffice it to say it's a common myth and so long as your relationship is basically sound it'll almost genuinely deliver you numerous pleasure and has the capacity to improve your entire dating and other areas of your life. 2. Does a choice for male chastity and orgasm denial suggest my husband is a closet submissive? No. He may be a submissive, of route, however that.