Salika fans don't look up! The new owners of Newcastle gave just a handful of budget to supplement

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British media Juxtaposition of the new owners of Newcastle United is not in a hurry to pour huge sums in the army during the football market this winter. It will only give 50 million pounds. The important reason is because I want to organize everything to be stable first. Therefore, there is no need to rush to wash some of the raised panels.

Newcastle United, the billionaire club of the English Premier League, prepares a budget of only 50 million pounds (about 2,200 million baht) to be used to strengthen the army during the transfer market for the second round of January.

Public Investment Fund, a group of funds from Saudi Arabia (PIF), has taken over the Salikadong army, resulting in them becoming a club to watch immediately. Because the new owner has enormous assets of 320 billion pounds (about 14.72 trillion baht).

Fans of "The Magpies" dream of seeing the team spend money to build a team for success. But it looks like they may be dreaming because "The Telegraph", the media in the good city, reports that "PIF" does not want to spend money madly during the football market this winter. The media stated that they will only give 50 million pounds to support the army.

Under the rules governing finances (Financial Fair Play) of the European Football Federation (UEFA), Newcastle can spend about 200 million pounds (about 8,800 million baht) to strengthen the army. New owners want to organize multiple systems. like in the club to be stable first For this reason, they are not in a hurry to spend money to sign players.