Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge released today

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Grinding Gear Games will be released on PC on October 22 and Path Of Exile's latest expansion will be released on game consoles on October 27.

Grinding Gear Games will be released on PC on October 22 and Path Of Exile's latest expansion will be released on game consoles on October 27. Players will experience the charm of Scourge at that time. This latest expansion pack will bring a lot of content, including the Scourge Challenge League, six new items that are completely unique to the rest of the game, some improvements to the world atlas, new aspirational endgame content, and an improved passive skill Trees, new skill gems and guild functions, as well as artifacts that are automatically collected.

In Path Of Exile 3.16 Scourge, players will implant a device called a blood crucible in their body, allowing them to fill the device with the blood of the slain monster they fight. Once the player has enough health, they can activate the device and travel to a parallel doomsday Wraeclast, where it is occupied by the demon known as The Scourge. Players must balance their time in alternate Wraeclast, because the longer they are there, the more damage they will take. Players can insert items into the blood cauldron, allowing them to absorb the corruption in parallel reality while killing monsters. Kill enough monsters and the item can be deformed. At the same time, players will get a pair of natural disaster modifiers to add positive and negative characteristics to their items. One of them is a useful module, and the other is a harmful module. All equipment can be whipped and modified up to 3 times, each time you have a chance to Buy Chaos Orbs.

In Wraeclast, players will also find contaminated colorful orbs, contaminated Jeweler’s Orbs, and contaminated Fusion Orbs to modify the slots in their damaged items. In addition, when the player kills natural disasters and other monsters while moving, the blood cauldron will gain experience and can be upgraded. Then players can allocate their own skill points in their passive skill interface, such as unlocking additional inventory slots, faster item conversion, better conversion results, the ability to convert unique items, and so on. Every skill of the Blood Crucible can be allocated eventually, but this requires a lot of killing demons.

Path Of Exile 3.16 Scourge enables players to place maps and their POE Currency in the blood cauldron. When a map absorbs enough corruption and deformation, it will obtain beneficial and harmful effects in the same way as a piece of equipment, but it can also receive a correction that completely changes the behavior of the natural disaster alliance in the map. Maps can be converted up to 10 times, and each time will significantly increase its risk and reward, but please be careful not to convert these maps multiple times, as they may become too dangerous to complete.