What are the expert recipes in WoW Classic?

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When Blizzard Entertainment rebuilt WoW Classic in 2019, the return of old players and the addition of new players gave this game a vibrant scene. With the return of the times, players actually have to explore the world and find materials for themselves. One of these examples is Exper Cookbook. If you are interested in upgrading your character’s cooking profession, we will guide you to get expert recipes.

The location of expert recipes depends on your faction. Alliance and Horde have different suppliers throughout Azeroth, providing players with various recipes, training books, and other materials. If you are playing in the league, expert recipes are sold by Shantina of Ashenvale. You can find the night elves in the village overlooking the water elemental lake of Ashenvale. The coordinates of NPC are 49,67. Please note that this area is a disputed mission area for the Alliance and the Horde, so you may encounter some PvP on the way to this location.

At the same time, tribal players can find expert recipes in Shadow Prey Village. The tribe is much easier than the alliance because there is a tribe flying spot next to the village. Therefore, if you have already carried out a mission in Desolace, you can fly to the area, visit the tribal leveling center and get a flight point at some point. If you download the coordinate plug-in, you can find the tribe NPC who is viewing the recipe at 26,69.

Or, you can search for expert recipes of WoW Classic in your faction’s auction house. Some players know when they buy these books that people don’t want to spend time buying expert recipes from vendors. As a result, some players pay more for expert cookbooks and other vocational training books than suppliers. If you buy from a supplier, you can expect to pay a little higher than the 1g purchase price.

What does the expert recipe in WoW Classic do? The expert recipes in WoW Classic are an important part of upgrading your culinary profession. When you reach level 125 cooking level and reach level 20, you can learn expert recipes to increase your maximum cooking level to 225. After that, you will need a craftsman cookbook to increase your cooking level to level 300.

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