Moncler Jackets black

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Moncler Jackets black


Given the state of luxury fashion in 2018 - characterized by a widespread interest in collaboration, and a fully in - bloom affinity for streetwear - it makes perfect sense that Milan Fashion Week got things started with a partnership between one legacy label and a lesser - known (but cult - loved) designer. The legacy brand is Moncler, the Italian purveyor of all manner of puffy coats, and the collaborator is Hiroshi Fujiwara, who runs the extra - cool Japan - based label Fragment.

Furthermore, in April we became a group - and today we announce the first consolidated results of Moncler and Stone Island. We were on the east side of Milan next to a radical squat in a sprawling, abandoned factory, within which Remo Ruffini and his cohorts had laid out separate stages for their eight full Genius collections, plus three accessory collections (a fat - tire Danish e - bike; the super - cute hot - model - thronged Poldo dogwear; and Rimowa luggage) plus, oh yes, the genius but not "Genius" Rick Owens tour bus project on the side.

Moncler's ability to make the slopes safer, at the same time as making them more stylish is a sign of the ingenuity that has propelled the brand forward since its inception in1952. Moncler's made it clear with this collection that style needn't be sacrificed for substance.

A white paint - splattered two - piece look in Moncler Jackets black corduroy, galvanized sole Converse (another double collaboration) and a series of matte surfaced down jackets - not all in black for a change - featuring Fujiwara's signature graphics (lightning bolts over mountain tops) were further highlights. This remains one of the Genius project's most consistently popular offerings, in that you see it on the street all the time.