New World Furnishing Guide

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Its Furnishing Skills in Trade in the New World allows players to craft furniture to house players. Trophies, chests tables, chairs drawers, and much more.

Trophies are often a popular item to put in your home since they give you a global buff of some sort (Limit 5 per household). Chests are another popular object to put within your home since they can increase the storage shed size in the town you are in (Limit differs based on the size of the house).

To get started with Furnishing, you'll have to gather some resources. Once you have the materials acquired, you can use the Workshop (Arrow/Musket image on map) to create anything you want to furnish. Go into the Workshop and press your normal interaction button "E", to open the crafting window.

When the crafting window is open, select the item you'd like to craft from the options located on the left-hand side of the window. Once you've decided what you want it will list the necessary resources to craft your item. It's located in the middle. Below is your craft button, click it to craft the item you've selected. If you'd like to craft more than one thing, you can slide the slider up above the craft button; however it only shows if you can craft more than one thing using the resources you've gathered.

Tips: When crafting, you can pull items from the local storage shed to craft and craft, meaning you don't need to have all the materials for your character.

The amount of experience gained by crafting an item can be found beneath the blue CRAFT button located on the left bottom. The amount of experience gained will always be the same. It is impossible to alter or reduce that value on one particular craft. Every piece of furniture will offer the same experience when made, but there are certain aspects that stand out from the rest.

The crafting and decorating for Furnishing employ static recipes. If you wish to craft something , you'll need exact materials. There isn't any other resource that you may utilize in place of a different source.

Furnishing can also make use of Schematics. Schematics are the items you can use to figure out how to make a furnishing product. If you increase your level in Furnishing you'll only be able to master approximately 25% of the recipes. The other 75% of them will require you to seek out the schematics to know them all.

The Salvaging Schematics are feasible to salvage a schematic you've already learned, but in the 1.2 patch you will now receive a warning if already learned the. Also, the patch has modified all schematics to be in line with the name of the furnishing so you don't have to determine what "Maple Bed 01" is or not in a schematic!

Furniture for Leveling

The content in this section provides what I believe to be an effective way to boost your knowledge of the Furnishing Trade. You're not limited to this method. One of the first things I'd like to keep in mind are the items you shouldn't utilize to increase your level.

Do not craft (Unless you really need or would like one, or have plans to sell it) All furniture *stains Wicker Basket, Old Straw Cot Old Log Stool The old Wooden Bunk Bed, Stone Mason Table in addition to the Hardworking Scrolled Desk. These items are not listed and do not conform to the formulas of experience for their tier and will give you less experience overall.

*Furniture Stains: Solvents are of limited use other than staining furniture and it's common for players to use for leveling for Furnishing to remove excessive solvent. While they are used for gems, it's not a matter of what tier is used as it doesn't change the yield chances for cutting/fusing gems. Additionally, stains' experiences yields are one tier below what they unlock, which means they won't cause a total loss of experience in the event of using.

TIP: Trophies are a great way to earn the experience of others if they need to be made. The first tier of awards will appear in your learnt recipes list while the others are artifact crafts that will not show up until you have the proper item. This means you can craft them when you're at the right level! (It's not efficient to level using only trophies because of the rare drops required to craft them)

Levels 1 - 50 (Tier 2 Crafting)

You'll require 23375 total experience to reach level 50. Tier 2 crafting for Furnishing follows this formula for the amount of experience needed: [Number Of the materials * six experience = Experience output[Number of Materials * 6 Experience = Experience Output].

1. Rusty iron lanterns

My first suggestion for advancing this tier is to create an assemblage of 156 Rusty iron lanterns, for a total of 23,400 experience. The Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots, 5x oil and 5x Fiber to craft. The Rusty Lantern's basic tax value is 0.13. Without tax modifiers, you will need to spend 24.96 crowns/gold in order to create the iron ingots. In addition, you'll need 23.40 crowns/gold in order to improve the Iron Ingots.

Option 2 - Round Sunny Rug

Another option for advancing the tier is to make 156 Round Sunny Rugs for a total of 23,400 exp, just as the lanterns. It is said that the Round Sunny Rug requires 15x Linen, 5x Crossweave, and 5x Fiber in order to make. The Round Sunny Rug's tax base amount is 0.13. Without tax modifiers it will cost 24.96 crowns/gold in order to create these rugs. Additionally you will need 23.40 crowns/gold in order to improve the Linen.

Between Option 1 or 2 it is evident that both of them have a lot in common. Both only need 1 refined material to make the design, while the Round Sunny Rug does make use of the Crossweave that is an refining item. With the rug, it is only necessary to gather fiber . The Crossweave is likely to be a bargain.

Levels 51 - 100 (Tier 3 Crafting)

Here is where things begin to become difficult because of the possibility of having to use schematics in order to continue providing effectively. You'll need to accumulate 181,375 experience before you can reach the level 100 mark, which is just of 157,975 experiences. Tier 3 crafting to make Furnishing is based on this formula for materials: [Number of Materials * 24 Experience = Experience[Number of Materials * 24 Experience = Experience Output].

At Tier 3 Crafting the amount of the iron is decreased from 1.5 experience to 1.0 however, others such as green wood increased to 1.5 experience to 2.0.

Option 1 - Keep Crafting Rusty Iron Lanterns

My first suggestion for advancing this level is to craft 1054 Rusty iron lanterns, which will give you an experience total of 158.100. This Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots and 5x Oil as well as 5x Fiber for make. Rusty Iron Lantern's base tax price is 0.13. With no tax modifiers, you'll need 137.02 crowns/gold in order to create the lanterns. Additionally you will need 158.10 crowns/gold in order to refine all the materials.

My reasoning behind this is that the value of Iron Ore is better at the Tier 2 crafting level than when you are at level of Tier 3 stage of craft. It also means you don't have to having to spend any flux or refining materials that is needed for the Tier 3 refining. In addition, you won't need to understand the schematics to finish this.

Option 2 Option 2 Cherry Sheets Mattress Bunk [Schematic RequiredOption 2 - Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed [Schematic Required

Another suggestion to level Tier 3 Furnishing is to create an 138-piece set of Cherry Sheets, which includes Bunk Beds and 280 Maple Stain (28 craft items) for 158,016 experience. It is necessary to master the Schematic: Map Bed 01 to understand the recipe. This Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed requires 35x Lumber, 10x Iron Ingots, along with two pieces of Maple Stain and the Maple Stain requires 10x Weak Solvents and 4x oil to make 10 at a time.

Cherry Sheets Bunk Beds' base tax value is 0.37 and their Maple Stain is 0.11. With no tax modifiers, you will need to spend 54.14 crowns/gold for the set. In addition, you'll need 255.30 gold/crowns if you intend to refine the entire set.

The reason this craft is good to use for Tier 3 crafting is because the metal used isn't as with other crafts however, it's iron. This is the only recipe in which iron ore will yield more than the 1.0 crafting experience as previously stated; however I believe this is a mistake by AGS and I'm assuming this to be fixed in the upcoming patches.

Levels 101 - 150 (Tier 4 Crafting)

In this stage, you'll require certain schematics in order to level up furnishing effectively. You will need at least 1,249,375 hours of experience before you can reach level 150 which is just ~1,068,025 experience (Depending on crafts). Tier 4 crafting to make Furnishing follows this formula for materials: [Number of Material * 96 Experience = Experience].

Powder Horn [Schematic Required]

To level in Tier 4 you will want to make 530 Powder Horn for 1,068,480 points of experience. You'll need to salvage this Schematic: Powder Horn to learn the recipe. This recipe for the Powder Horn requires 1x Animal Horn 15x Gunpowder along with 5x Beeswax.

The tax base of Powder Horn is 0.92. Without any tax modifiers you'll have to invest 487.60 crowns/gold for the set. Additionally you will need 79.50 crowns/gold in order to refine all the materials.

TIP ADVICE: With the 1.1 patch Into the Void, Beeswax has a chance to be harvested from honey trees instead of honey.

Levels 151+ (Tier 5 Crafting)

You will require certain blueprints to continue the effectiveness of your supply. You'll need an entire 7,905,375 experiences for reaching level 200 which is only 662,395 experience. Tier 5 crafting for Furnishing is based on this formula for materials: [Number of Materials * 320 Experience = Experience Output].

Rusty Iron Candelabra

To level up to Level 5 you'll need to create 986 Rusty Iron Candelabra for 6,625,920 points. You'll need to save from the Schematic: Rusty Iron Candelabra to master this recipe. The Rusty Iron Candelabra requires 15x Orichalcum Ingot, 5x Beeswax, and 1x Fire Mote.

Rusty's tax base value is 2.19. In the absence of tax modifiers, you'll need to pay 2,159.34 crowns/gold to craft the set. Also, you'll require 4,584.90 crowns/gold in order to refine the entire set.

Rusty Iron Candelabra is the only Tier 5 craft that utilizes one refining component to elevate the craft to Tier 5. It is because of this that it is considered to be the most effective method of advancing to Tier 5 manufacturing of Furniture. It is for this reason that so many players are seeking out Beeswax to increase the level of their furniture.

Designing and enhancing your furniture

Buffs and perks are the two most effective ways to improve your trade Skills however, Furnishing doesn't include any. There aren't any perks or buffs available for Furnishing, so you don't need to seek for any kind of equipment or temporary buffs to increase this Trade Skill.

Furnishing Artifacts

This section covers all well-known Artifacts for Furnishing and the Artifacts that are required for their inspection. Crafting with artifacts requires you to be carrying the required item in your bag(s) to allow the recipe to be displayed at the crafting station.