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Despite the fact that she has a casual hairstyle, her outfit is anything but

Despite the fact that she has a casual hairstyle, her outfit is anything but. In a red, one-shoulder gown with a poufy sleeve, she is looking stunning. The photograph is one of three portraits that will be on display in three different locations across England as part of a National Portrait Gallery exhibition, which will be held in three different locations throughout England. The other two portraits, which were also shared on the royals' Instagram account, show her wavy, undone hair from different angles in black and white. The other two portraits were also shared on the royals' Instagram account.





Surprise, surprise, the Duchess of Cambridge is absolutely stunning in all three portraits. She is demonstrating a different aspect of her beauty regimen, and we can't wait to see what other hairstyles she will debut throughout the year.

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It's true that Middleton's new hairstyle is the most casual style we've ever seen on her before. It was on January 9, which also happened to be the Duchess' birthday, that a photo of her with her hair in a relaxed style was shared on the Kensington Royal Instagram account. Her brown highlight wigs for black women is loosely arranged in light waves behind her. The tousled hairstyle doesn't appear to have been created with the assistance of a curling iron, leading us to believe that this may be her natural texture instead.

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