How to make the Token of Absolution in Diablo 2: Resurrected?

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The Token of Absolution is a prop that can be used to reset skill points in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and it can be obtained by dropping copies and with synthesis. If you don't have more time, you can cheaply Buy D2R Items from MMOSO. Today we will learn how to get the Token of Absolution through synthesis.


Synthesizing the Token of Absolution requires four different types of essences, namely A1/A2 - Twisted Essence of Suffering, A3 - Charged Essence of Hatred, A4 - Burning Essence of Terror, and A5 - Festering Essence of Destruction.


A1/A2 - Twisted Essence of Suffering is relatively easy to obtain, with a high drop rate, which can be obtained by spawning Andariel in Act 1 or Duriel in Act 2 on Hell difficulty.


The drop rates of A3, A4, and A5 types of essences are not very high.  A3 - Charged Essence of Hatred has a chance to drop when kill boss Mephisto. Compared to the latter two types of essence, the process of brushing Mephisto is still relatively simple. If the character you use is not powerful enough, you can use cross-terrain to bug kill Mephisto.


A4 - The Burning Essence of Terror is difficult to farm out, and the process is a bit cumbersome. You need to open 5 seals first, and then kill the three unique monsters that appear before Diablo will appear. There are many monsters, so be careful and patient.


A5 - Festering Essence of Destruction is also more tedious to obtain the process. First, you need to clear the 5 squads summoned by Baal in the Throne of Destruction, then enter the Worldstone Keep, find the ultimate boss Baal on the T-shaped aisle in the center of the Worldstone Keep, and kill him. Then we have a small probability of getting A5 essence.


After collecting the above 4 types of essences, you can start the synthesis of Token of Absolution. Take one of each type of essence (note: the essences dropped by Andariel and Duriel are of the same type, that is A1/A2), and put them into the Horadric Cube, and then click the conversion button below to get the Token of Absolution! If you need to reset skill points, right-click on the Token of Absolution.


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