The process of gaining 99 points in a skill in RuneScape

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To all the people that say the idea that RuneScape will try to WoWify its own game: stop telling me that you're wrong. In this article, I'll show why: RuneScape as the game itself isn't able to replicate the success of mainstream MMOs because of the core of the game operates.

In most MMOs you level your character level and then "skills" are traditionally just jobs and things like that that allow you to create changes to objects, or your own. In RuneScape, but, everything is tied to skills. You create your gear, you level skills, you train your combat level and you're not able to accomplish things that are important without acquiring the skills. There's a reason why you can barely quest with having no training.

This isn't a negative thing however, it does leave RuneScape somewhat weakened. The process of gaining 99 points in a skill in RuneScape is generally similar to gaining max levels in another MMO, for the most part (unless you're dealing with useless abilities like Cooking, Fletching and Firemaking that can be done in 60-70 hours in total). It's not even close to that.

When it comes to boosters and other effects, that's what prayer is all about. It's purpose is to give players the advantages and rewards in combat that other MMOs traditionally give players via tradeskills such as crafting armor runes that connect to your armor or inducing your weapon to buy old school runescape gold increase its power and powerful, and other.