How to get Fighter Torso in Old School RuneScape

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Old School RuneScape Fighter Torso offers one of the best power bonuses for the body in the game. It's not an easy task to unlock OSRS Fighter Torso. So how do you get the OSRS Fighter Torso?

First, the prerequisite for this item to be equipped is that your player must have 40 defenses. Second, it is recommended that you have a high combat rating, because without it, even in a group, it is difficult to obtain this item. So, before you start, prepare enough Runescape Gold to increase your chances of success. 

Barbarian Assault

To get Fighter Torso, if you are the attacker character, then you must complete the Barbarian Assault quest. To be precise, you must have 375 Honor points in all four characters and have killed the Penitent Queen at least once in order to purchase this item from Commander Conrad in the Rewards Shop.

Earning 375 Honor Points as an Attacker, Collector, Defender and Healer is a tall order. Data suggests that most players need about six to seven hours of honing to earn enough points for the character.

Team play is often more efficient than solo play, put together a team and if any teammate climbs the ladder, quits, or dies, the game is over. To strengthen communication to form a capable team to get enough points. This will greatly shorten the training time.

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