This year's EA Play event happening July 22 will likely include Madden nfl 23

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It's highly unlikely that Electronic Arts is going to cut a year off it's Madden NFL series. There's simply too much to be at stake for the company. It doesn't matter if it's the reality the Madden Ultimate Team is one of the most lucrative money-makers, or the possibility that this is the first time that a full version is released on the brand new consoles, there's plenty of money to Mut 23 coins be made. So , why hasn't Madden nfl 23 been announced as of yet? That's the big tradition that EA is breaking with this year's edition. It's not been this so late in the spring time before the next installment was announced, at the very least, it had been shown off.With Madden nfl 23 fans are aware of when they can expect the reveal of the cover it is unclear whether or not this reveal will also feature the first glimpse into gameplay. Usually EA will be hosting their EA Play event at this time and provide a deep dive into Madden nfl 23's gameplay, but the event is happening much later this year as well, scheduled to take place on the 22nd of July, not the time of E3.

This year's EA Play event happening July 22 will likely include Madden nfl 23 in some role, but one could imagine that the game would be released prior to the date. The fact is, there's a reason why the Madden nfl 23 release date is almost certainly going to be in August, and if it's not revealed by around the middle of July, it will only allow EA Sports a few weeks to present it prior to it being out to the public. Fans will be looking forward to seeing if company has kept its word about expanding Madden NFL's Franchise mode following the game's predecessor in Madden nfl 22 was so badly critiqued.

However, Madden nfl 23 will be a title Madden players are likely to buy regardless of their opinions about Madden nfl 22, or even if there is any game prior to the launch date. With this in mind, EA Sports may not feel that they are under any obligation to play the game much prior to the launch. Whatever the reason there will be a reveal for fans of the Madden nfl 23 cover athlete(s) in the coming days of June 17.

Madden nfl 23 is in development for unspecified platforms.

The Madden nfl 23 Date of Reveal Looks Like Obvious

EA Sports has broken a long-standing tradition when it comes to Madden nfl 23. In no time since the Madden NFL franchise was launched did EA delayed so long in the year to reveal the next game in the long-running football series, creating all sorts of theories as to cheap madden nfl 23 coins why the newest game still being kept secret. As of this writing, EA Sports still has not revealed when the game will debut Madden nfl 23. but the release date might be pretty obvious.