Scraping Zillow Real Estate Data using Zillow Real Estate Agents Scraper

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Zillow real estate agent scraper is the best scraping tool for getting more leads from Zillow. Our tool extracts every available data from Zillow.

How can I extract real estate data from Zillow?

Zillow is a very popular online property market with over 100 million properties with thousands of new listings added every day. It lists properties for sale, and rent and is used by landlords, property buyers/sellers, and real estate agents alike.

Why web scraping is changing the real estate industry

Real estate was one of the first non-tech industries to quickly grasp the potential of the internet. Even before Google, dial-up users were eagerly searching through real estate listings, despite bad images and slow speeds. Today, more than 50% of all home buyers find their property on the internet.


It's not hard to see why online real estate ads have pushed aside lawn signs, storefront windows, and newspaper ads. Even the simplest listing now gives you high-quality images, accurate maps, floor plans, distances to amenities, detailed descriptions, and other information essential to making a new home decision. And all of this has been enhanced by sites like Zillow, which allow potential buyers to search across the country and filter by a variety of factors.


Zillow was founded in 2004 with an intriguing business model. It doesn't charge landlords or agents for listing properties but instead makes money by hiring property management companies to advertise on the Zillow rental network and by offering real estate agents Premier Agent websites with premium designs and other features. He also started moving a few years ago. Zillow offers homeowners quick cash payments, and if the offer is accepted, Zillow repairs and resells the property.


Zillow was named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies in April 2021 for his work transforming the real estate industry. And Zillow is a big buck too, with more than $2.7 billion in annual revenue in 2019. That revenue is driven by more than 173 million unique monthly visitors and 110 million households in the Zillow database. That's a lot of real estate listings and a lot of data waiting to be thrown away and reused.

What is a web scraping and what are the benefits of Zillow scraping?

Web scraping is the process of automatically extracting large amounts of data from websites using the software. Such software is called web scraper or web scraping software. There are numerous advantages to getting real estate data from Zillow and other real estate websites like Realtor, Trulia, etc.


It helps make informed real estate investment decisions, monitors the real estate market for prices, rental yields, vacancy rates, etc., and aggregates real estate-related data from multiple sources. Real estate agents (or real estate agents) use this data to better serve clients by finding properties that meet their needs and budget.

How to get the most out of Zillow data

Zillow has its own free API that you can use to interact with the site, but you can also use a more powerful tool like Zillow Real Estate Agent Scraper to take advantage of Zillow's API capabilities. This out-of-the-box tool uses web scraping to extract data from Zillow.

Our Zillow Scraping tool is the script of United Lead Scraper to extract every available information from Zillow. The Zillow scraping tool is different from other tools because we give you the best custom scraper along with only your desired columns, if you want to modify it in the future you can do it within a few minutes as per your need.


Real Estate Scraper allows you to extract data from detailed property listings anywhere. Extract price, address, Cell Number, Company Name, Broker Phone, Real Estate License, website links, and any other information if available. Even better, the scraper allows you to download the data in formats like CSV, and Excel, so you can quickly grab it into your software or database for whatever purpose you want.


Zillow found a way to add value to online real estate listings for its users and has benefited greatly from this innovation. Once you can reliably pull data from Zillow and other real estate sites, you can imagine doing the same for your business. From better investment decisions to marketing, web scraping has the potential to offer new and unexpected ways to capitalize on the online real estate boom.