Me and my nemesis have been taken away.

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Grandpa Xu can promise me to stay in the Xu family, but also temporarily let go of the Lin family, has been very kind. Lin Yu's voice was getting lower and lower,heavy duty metal racking, and at the end, he sighed faintly, "just." Still not reconciled. ""

Only then did Chu Shen remember that the old man had gone to the banquet before him, and that he must still be there. As for Xiao Man, he had plenty of flying skills to sneak in, but he didn't want to go in where there were many people. These two need not worry, need to worry about only Qin Lingchong that table, and Wei Fufeng that table. By the way, why hasn't Wei Fufeng shown up yet? ———— Zhang Lanlan had never seen such a big scene, and he was dazzled as soon as he saw it. He was not tired of seeing young girls in red and green, and he also felt fresh about the grotesque Wulin people. If he hadn't had to deal with Wei Fufeng later, he would have felt that everything was perfect. Who else would be willing to be an otaku if he knew it was so fun to travel far? As soon as he thought so, his beauty radar beeped, and the man saw a young man in a Taoist uniform at the door, with a red scar on his neck that looked like a tattoo, and two younger brothers behind him. As a senior fellow apprentice, the immortal wind and bone, as a junior fellow apprentice, also described Qingjun, such as three fragrant winds blowing into the wine pool, pouring a style of idol drama into the Water Margin party. But one of the younger martial brothers stood still and looked straight at Zhang Lanlan. His eyes collided with Zhang Lanlan's, saying that the sparks were shallow. Zhang Lanlan only felt that his heart was going to spray magma. What does it feel like? The other party is not a fairy, and you will not be moved as soon as you meet, right? Zhang Lanlan shook his head,medium duty racking, sure that this was not a heartbeat, but a strange, never had a sense of intimacy. Just like a person who is always out of place in a foreign land, occasionally catches a glimpse of a person, finds that the other person is his fellow-townsman, speaks the same accent, eats the same cake, can't he hold his hands tightly and cry? But as soon as he had finished,industrial racking systems, the man took his seat, his eyes still looking this way, but restrained and cautious. Zhang Lanlan on second thought, perhaps he was admiring Chu Shen's dignity, was shocked by the shell's own bastard gas? It's not impossible. As soon as he finished thinking about it, Cui Luan clasped the table impatiently: "This Wei helmsman has a big face. Why doesn't he show up when the master has arrived?" "Don't worry, Brother Cui," said Qin Lingchong. "I've heard that there are still distinguished guests coming from outside. He has to receive them in person." Cui Luan asked curiously, "What distinguished guest has more face than the master?" Pei Ying said with a smile, "Abbot Yechen of Tieyin Temple, do you have enough face?"? 'Flying Flower God Willow Arrow 'elder came in person, ostentation and extravagance? There is also Han Lingfa, the head of the'Faxian Gate ', and Liang Kongyin, the head of the Qingzhou sub-helmsman of the'East Wall Meeting', who is also a powerful figure. "These are old bones, radio shuttle racking ,automated warehouse systems," said Qiu Xiangrong. "I heard Wu Xingzhen is coming, too." "Wu Xingzhen?" Asked Cui Luan in surprise? Is that Wu Xingzhen, who leveled the head of the Yanshan Sect with a sword, picked the ten elders of Taiwei Mountain, and defeated the Mingshan'Diao Yun Jian '? Qiu Xiangrong said with a smile, "I hear he's still a young man. He's much more promising than you." Cui Luan listened disdainfully, but Wen Caiming said, "These big shots are only here for the birthday of a sub-helmsman." Gu Feiguan said lightly, "I'm afraid it's also for the master." "No matter for whom," said Qin Lingchong soothingly, "let's just wait here." This person has looked a lot more stable than before, at least the surface kungfu than before progress, the five outstanding performances also respect, finally let Zhang Lanlan feel not so suffocating tension. But as soon as he felt comfort in his heart, he could not hold back his desire to urinate. So he quietly pulled Qin Lingchong's hand and drew an obvious hint in the palm of his hand. Qin Lingchong looks at him with a strange face: "This person wants to go to the toilet and say directly, what does it mean to draw a piece of shit in my palm?"? He scolded Cheng Niang in his heart, but his face was still worried and anxious. "Third Brother hasn't spoken all the time, but he's not feeling well." He cared for Zhang Lanlan like a terminally ill patient and told him to wrinkle his facial features into a ball. My stomach is a little uncomfortable and I have to go to the bathroom. Zhang Lanlan wanted one of the five heroes to accompany him, but Qin Lingchong took his hand and called a boy to come over and let the boy lead him to the toilet. This is actually nothing, but Zhang Lanlan alone on the road, always feel unstable in the heart. He looked back at Pei Ying and found that Pei Ying also looked at him with some anxiety, as if he wanted to keep up. Zhang Lanlan still went alone, all the way through the bridge and corridor, and finally arrived at the legendary latrine. But the latrine was really difficult to use. As soon as he opened the gate inside, he fastened his trousers and opened the door. Just as he was about to ask the boy to take him back to the banquet, he found that the boy did not know where he was. Suddenly there was a chill behind him, and his body froze. A dagger was pressed against his back, and it was hard not to be stiff. Don't make a sound and turn around slowly. The voice of the man with the dagger was very cold, but it was definitely not as cold as Zhang Lanlan's teeth. His teeth were chattering and his face was as pale as a thin piece of paper? Calm down? *** it. This is a life-and-death moment. Who's acting with you? He slowly turned around, turning section by section like a wooden toy, and when he turned right, he found that the man behind him was also a handsome man, but with an evil look on his face, a layer of ice-like coldness between his eyebrows, and his eyes were full of eyes. With a twitch at the corners of her mouth, Zhang Lanlan managed to draw out some ancient words: "I'm Chu Shen, who are you?" The words were right, but unfortunately the momentum was so weak that it couldn't be any weaker. The man didn't believe it as soon as he heard it. His eyes, as cold as a sword, slapped him on the body, and his mouth overflowed with a cool taunt: "If you are really Chu Shen, how can you not know that I am Yan Ze?" Is this man Yan Ze? The Yan Ze who has a love-hate relationship with Chu Shen? Before Zhang Lanlan woke up, the dagger was already on his stomach, like a missile aimed at the target, making him unable to swallow a mouthful of saliva, and stuck in his throat like a wet and soft cloth. Where is Pei Ying? He really didn't follow? What about the others? No one can come out to save the scene? Is he going to die at the hands of the CP he just got on? Is that how God treats a loyal CP dog? Chu Ke saw that his face was as changeable as a neon light. He guessed that the man was timid and cherished his life. He immediately threatened, "Tell me where the real Chu Shen is. I may spare you from death." The dagger beat wildly in the belly, and Zhang Lanlan immediately surrendered: "I really don't know.." How can a little man like me know? The most important thing is to save life, and the most important thing is to keep Chu Shen's shell. For this reason,shuttle rack system, he can tell any lie. Anyway, if you tell the truth, the other party won't believe it.