The stalker of time travel

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Every time he went there, he would worship and ask questions to the priest. As long as it is decided who the God King is, the Vulcan will come back. The Vulcan does not usually live in a mountain. So Vulcan basically does not return to the sacred mountain.

"Sister, can we be in a good mood and have a good appetite every day?" "Shut up, are you full?" The old man obviously understood our little action, but he didn't say much and just laughed. After dinner, I angrily called the little guy to me. "Tell me, who have you eaten for these years? You haven't made any progress.". Learn to look at people's eyes and try not to talk when you are with people you don't know. "Sister, you've become so fierce since you went out. You're not like that at home." The little guy is very aggrieved. It's true, I also spoil him everywhere at home, although sometimes I warn him a few words, but it's also a clear soup with little water. Juner, when you are away from home, there are people who love you at home. Everyone protects you and lets you make trouble. It's different outside. As you can see today, we don't know which people we will meet tomorrow are bad people. So try not to talk nonsense. If you are not careful, you will get into trouble. Afraid that he could not remember, I lured him a few words: "Do you want to have a good time and then go home?" "Think." "Do you want to eat something delicious?" "Think." "Well, if you don't talk nonsense for three days in a row from tomorrow, I'll give you a request, OK?" "Can you ask for anything?" I'm sweating. I can't fly if you want to. Sister can do it. "All right." After thinking about it, the little fellow added: "I will not speak from tomorrow, and you will tear up my IOU three days later." Crazy sweat,Magnesium Sulphate producer, is this little guy a fool? After the day's adventure, everyone was a little tired and rested early. I was lying on the bed in the same room with Cui, and the moonlight like water flowed in softly. I was not sleepy for a moment, and I thought about it again. The beautiful journey has already begun, although this first day encountered a little setback, but I should be more frustrated and more brave, maybe tomorrow I can meet a handsome guy. It's just where the hell is this handsome guy? There's no such thing as an entertainment company. Let Xiaoxin stay with uncle for a few days. Let's change a place to play. Qingcheng is not good. Still in this cranky, over there quietly Cui son spoke: "Princess,dap diammonium phosphate, today is my bad." Oh? Don't mention I forgot, now still call me princess, "Cui son, also don't blame you, the habit is hard to change.". I'm lucky to escape now, and I won't see you next time. So in the future, you must remember to call me sister all the time, and we must call you sister when we are alone, so as to form a habit that will not be a bad thing. "Cui, remember." "Well, go to sleep." The quiet posthumous title of a room. Elder sister Is the girl still awake? "Well?" "Is your skill taught by immortals today?" Ability? About being in the water? My precious ring, ah, raised to her lips and answered easily, "Yes, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the ability of the immortal." "Then Cui will be relieved." Don't worry? Are you worried about something? But this will not resist the attack of sleepiness and fall asleep. Sleep in the middle of the night a little urgent to urinate, think of convenience, suddenly see a figure in front of the window flash away, rub your eyes, I am not dizzy, will not be a ghost, ah, is it an assassin? The heart beats faster and faster. No, so back, that will want to be the emperor all day long behind the uncle also did not have a harvest, brother now settled down, you ***ing appeared, is not obviously bullying me? Rub a jump out of bed, I am invulnerable, catch you alive to vent your anger! Just ran to the door and stopped, no, what if they were found? I don't know if this invulnerable handle will work. Try it. She threw herself in front of Cui, covered her mouth and pulled her up. "Don't talk. It's me. Come with me." Time waits for no one. Cui Er was pulled out by me with only her middle clothes on. Touch the little guy's room and kick it away. Who Then there was a clanging sound, and the bright light of the sword in Shin-chan's hand was dazzling. Quickly said: "I am, come quickly, hand in hand, as if to the assassin." No matter what happened, Cui and I dragged one to the courtyard. At this time, I showed my true qualities as a hero. I shouted: "I see you, come out quickly!" A loud voice accompanied by "Who?" The question of "where", N guards jumped out of the courtyard, but my so-called assassin was nowhere to be seen. No, I must have dived into the yard of the old man. I didn't have time to explain. I pulled the little guys and ran to the emperor's bedroom, followed by a group of rescuers. I was silly when I waited for the uncle. I didn't see the brother in the daytime. There were two people upside down at the door. The clothes belonged to the bodyguard. I rushed in, and when I saw the situation in the room, I gasped. It was over. My uncle was captured alive! With a sword around your neck, your head will fall off. The situation is not good. I am hesitating between running away and not running away. If I had known this earlier, I might as well not have come? At least my life can be taken care of. "The emperor is not nervous at all." "OK, sir, I would have wet my pants." Stand down or I'll cut off his head right now. It is not normal to listen to the shrill voice. Everyone is not moving, and it's hard to get away with it at this time. Stand down! Don't push me! The voice was more shrill. This thing can't be prepared to do it in a hurry. Stand down! Grandpa spoke. No, sir, aren't you giving your life to someone else? Although you are well-intentioned and don't want to get these people killed, but at least all the people present today can't escape the blame. Not to mention others, Shin-chan's hands are already trembling with excitement. Calm down, Daxia makes a grand debut. Wait I made a sound, and all my eyes came over, and I didn't know if there was a handsome guy in the middle. Daxia, you want his life. I want one of his gadgets. Your good intentions will be rewarded. Let me take it down. I've been thinking about it for a long time. The sound of my pleading drew a gasp. Chapter 19 Grandpa's eyes are about to eat people. Don't do this. I'm invulnerable. As long as I hold your hand, it should be all right. Oh? What do you want? "The jade pendant hanging from his body!" "Hiss." Someone breathed in again. All right,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, boss, this thing is nothing more than something like my presence, and I don't really want it.