The rise of Man Jiang Hong

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The silver fox legion is not a fool,Fish measuring board, has long seen strange, they are not an idiot, the head of the army will be a few herdsmen were beaten this trivial matter to run to other people's camp to make trouble? This is a joke!.

"Sir, that day Jiang Chuan was taught by you, and Yongjian took the liberty to publish your teaching in Qizhi magazine as a conversation article. I hope you don't blame me!" Hesitantly, Niu Yongjian took out a copy of the first issue of Qizhi magazine and presented it to Chen Moran with both hands. After taking over the magazine, Chen Moran looked at the river boat on the cover in surprise. The magazine printed in ink was very simple. When he opened the magazine, he saw a brief editor's preface on the first page. The key to the publication of this magazine is to enlighten the mind and enlighten the nation! Open up the wisdom of the nation. Turning two more pages, I saw the Night Talk of River Boats, which was polished by Niu Yongjian. Encounter Mr. Crutch.. "Sir, still do not know, after the publication of this article, the name of the gentleman, it can be said to be famous in the East, the East scholars are not without amazement, the gentleman's words to solve the confusion of a hundred years.." Shina! Qin Yufu's words only made Chen Moran frown. People in this era may not be able to understand the humiliation between the words of Shina. Now the Chinese Han people, especially the Chinese family, are not angry with Japan for calling China "Shina", but are somewhat grateful. The Han Chinese were under the rule of a foreign nation, and Japan secretly supported China. For a time, Japan became a paradise for Chinese countries, and anti-government organizations such as the Tongmenghui and the Restoration Society were formed in Japan. The first two things many Han Chinese did when they came to Japan were to cut their braids to show that they were no longer loyal to the Qing court, and to call themselves "Shina people" and refuse to admit that they were "Qing people.". At that time, the word "China" had not been recognized, so many people directly borrowed the Japanese name to call themselves "Shina people". Nowadays, many Chinese people use the word "Shina" to refer to themselves, which also shows that Japan used the word "Shina" to refer to China at that time, not only without derogatory meaning, but also with respect for the Chinese people. If the Japanese call the Chinese "Qing people" and the Chinese "Qing language" according to the official name of China, the Han people will feel insulted. However, after the Revolution of 1911, the official name of China changed from the "Qing Empire" to the "Republic of China", which triggered a debate between China and Japan on "Shina", and Shina became an insult. Also because of this, although disgusted with that word, but Chen Mo ran but also just a frown,Horse weight lbs, but did not say anything. Listening to the six people saying their own words, which caused a sensation in Japan, the surprise of the Japanese and the quarrel between the Chinese and the reformers even because of their own words, and each of them used it as a weapon to argue between newspapers and magazines, Chen Mo ran could not help but be a little dumb, which was a bit too incredible. Looking at Chen Moran, who had been smiling and silent all the time, Lan Tianwei, who had never said a word, opened his mouth and raised a question that had puzzled him for months. Dare to ask, sir, what is success, the Republic will not necessarily come, the Republic will not necessarily come, the country will not be rich and strong! Rich and powerful, the country will not necessarily be democratic! Smiling at Lan Tianwei, the reason why he said that was not Chen's opinion, Surveyors tape measure ,horse weight tape, but the fruit of stealing others, in the face of this problem, he smiled. France can be the first car, France still has decades of enlightenment, our country has been autocratic for thousands of years, and the people have the idea of Republic! But even in France, the Bastille traps, the king and queen are guillotined, and then what? All that awaits France is chaos and bloody slaughter. As for those little people who have sacrificed their lives for this struggle for ideals and tomorrow, they have fallen on the stage of political parties, economists, politicians, warlords, party leaders, intellectuals and big businessmen. What happened in the end? In France, there is only one Napoleon! "Napoleon, that is also a powerful France!" Shi Jiuguang whispered, only let Chen Mo ran a smile, pointing to Shi Jiuguang, he has replaced Chen Mo ran to answer the question. Can Mr. Wang once said that there is no ultimate goal, only social progress! The Republic is the symbol of world progress! As a soldier, Lan Tianwei was not good at political debate, but he still murmured to refute him with Chen's silent words, just like the struggle between the reformers and the party in Japan, but fell into a strange circle. But this strange circle is the strange circle that Chen Moran left on the boat that day. "So, apart from the two Republican powers of the United States and France, the south of the United States is a Republic. What do those South American countries look like after they are republics?" Smiling and holding the teacup, Chen Moran invited six people to drink tea, while savoring the fragrance of the new tea. A Republic may be a symbol of progress, but a Republic is not necessarily a panacea that works as soon as it is used. If it is a panacea that works as soon as it is used, then how can there be presidents of South American countries who pretend to be republics, and how can there be successive military mutinies that weaken the affairs of the countries? "If that's what you think, sir, isn't it the fact that we should abandon it and carry out the reform?" Blue Sky Wei's voice suppressed some dissatisfaction, and sure enough, as some people said, "Mr. Crutch" is a fake. If reform can save China, I choose reform, and violent destruction! Whether it is reform or reform, the ultimate goal is common, the progress of society, the strength of the country, is the ultimate goal! Chen Moran's words only surprised the six people, and at the same time there seemed to be a burst of fire in his heart. Even though Niu Yongjian's face showed a little dissatisfaction, he had no idea that the gentleman he regarded as his teacher in his heart would say these words. The dissatisfaction and cold hum of the six people made Chen silently smile. It seems that in your opinion, I'm going to be a slave of the Qing Dynasty! Qin Yufu snorted coldly, and Zhang Ji, Ye Lan, and others looked discontented. Smiling and putting down the teacup in his hand, Chen silently leaned back on the sofa, as if to remind everyone to touch his bare head with some scars, and the sight of the six people moved to his bald head. I'm afraid you misunderstand what I mean. I mean, if the reform can save China, I dare to ask you,Diameter tape measure, is today's Qing Dynasty China? At the end of the conversation, Chen silently shook his head, showing some sadness on his face.