Love swordsman

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But the naked body in front of us is so attractive that any man can't resist it. Even steel will melt in front of this woman.

Chu Ruthless first poured wine for Li Qiuhong, then filled the empty cup himself. Holding the cup in both hands, he said respectfully, "This cup is for the disciple's wife. Thank you for your love and care for the disciple these days." Drink it down in one gulp. Bai Sujuan was not good at drinking, so she put down her glass and said with a smile, "Ruthless, I wish you success in your study. After the Chongyang Taishan Sword Meeting, I will make an exception and have a drink with you." Chu mercilessly thanked him. As soon as he filled the empty glass in front of him, Li Jiaojiao raised her glass and said, "Brother Chu, I'm younger than you. I should respect you." She had never touched alcohol, but she drank it all in one gulp, which made her blush and open her mouth to breathe. Bai Sujuan was busy patting her behind her back: "You child, you can't drink, but you still want to be brave!" Li Jiaojiao gasped, "I've never drunk wine. How do I know it tastes so bad?" "I'll give you three cups in return," said Chu ruthlessly. After he drank three cups in one breath, Hao Siwen led the outside followers and disciples to come in one by one to toast Li Qiuhong. Chu mercilessly volunteered to drink all the wine for Bai Sujuan and Li Jiaojiao's mother and daughter. He had already drunk a lot. Holding a glass of wine, a young disciple stepped forward and said, "Brother Chu, I didn't expect you to be magnanimous. Come outside and drink with everyone." Chu was merciless and noncommittal, looking at Li Qiuhong with the eyes of asking for instructions. In fact, since Chu Ruthless came to Qiuhong Villa,shuttle rack system, he had almost no contact with these followers and disciples in the Villa, and even could not figure out who they were. However, they are very appreciative of Chu's ruthless performance. Especially that day in the square, Fang Ming, who was cocky and supercilious with his aunt, was defeated, which was very gratifying. Now that Li Qiuhong had accepted Chu Ruthless as a disciple, he certainly didn't want him to be isolated. He should have more contact with other people. So he nodded slightly and said with a smile, "Ruthless,heavy duty cantilever racks, go and have a few drinks with them, but don't get drunk." Chu mercilessly played right into his hands. On the one hand, he wanted to drink a lot to anesthetize himself. On the other hand, I feel too restrained here and hope to leave Li Qiuhong. Respectfully, he got up and left his seat and followed everyone out of the inner hall. Li Jiaojiao was unhappy, but it was inconvenient to stop her. Bai Sujuan suddenly said, "I think Ruthless has a lot on her mind these two days. There seems to be something wrong with her." Li Qiuhong said, "My last nine moves are quite difficult to practice. Maybe he has encountered difficulties." "No," said Li Jiaojiao. "I saw him practice it a few days ago. I also asked him how sure he was? He said it was just a matter of heat. Bai Sujuan hesitated for a moment and said, "As the saying goes, I miss my family all the more during the festival. My heartless life experience must be very rough.". After seeing our family reunion, it is inevitable that we will be touched by the scene and have some feelings. "Don't we think of him as a family?" Asked Li Jiaojiao. Bai Sujuan smiled and said, "That's different after all. No matter how well we treat him, we're not as good as his relatives." Li Qiuhong did not say anything, but drank the wine. Chu was not present, and Bai Sujuan and Li Jiaojiao were not good at drinking, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,drive in racking system, so he had to drink by himself. Li Jiaojiao saw Chu mercilessly gone forever, several times to want to go out to see, were stopped by Bai Sujuan with a wink. Who would have thought that after nearly half an hour, there was still no sign of Chu mercilessly returning to her seat. Li Jiaojiao finally could not hold back. She frowned and said, "Why has Brother Chu been gone for so long? He must have been entangled by their drinking. I'll go and have a look." Before Bai Sujuan could stop her, she got up and left her seat and hurried out. Came to the square outside, I saw that everyone was drinking, lively, finger-guessing game orders one after another, laughter was heard, but I did not see the merciless presence. Surprised, Li Jiaojiao asked Hao Siwen, "Where is Big Brother Chu?" Hao Siwen quickly got up and answered, "He's a little drunk. He wants to go to the back hill to get some air.." Without waiting for him to finish, Li Jiaojiao went straight to the outside of the village. The Jade Rabbit has risen in the east and hung high in the scattered night sky. On the top of the hill, Chu mercilessly naked, dishevelled, drunk red eyes, like frantically with two fists repeatedly hit the rocks, hit the gravel shot around, powder flying. He was like a mad beast, irrational and unable to control himself. More like a blocked torrent, the water is rising higher and higher, but there is no way to vent it. It was a kind of release, a release of the fiery manic desire in his body. Within a radius of several Zhangs, the rocks were beaten by him, and they were already broken and changed beyond recognition. The moon was white and the wind was clear, and the quiet and peaceful hilltop was shocked by the terrible momentum of flying sand and stones, scaring birds and animals to fly away, snakes and rats to scurry everywhere. Chu merciless desire not only failed to slightly reduce, but more crazy up. He is no longer like a human, like an animalistic gorilla, the target of vent turned to the nearby trees, the big trees, one by one uprooted, at the same time issued a soul-stirring roar. Like a catamite possessed by ghosts and gods, he kept jumping around for about a full time. Then he fell to the ground and rolled all over the ground with his hands on his head. Just then, a woman called softly: "Xiao Chu!"! Xiao Chu. It was a very familiar voice, as if full of irresistible magic, which made Chu stop rolling mercilessly. Under the bright moonlight, suddenly filled with a vast expanse of white smoke. With the sound of the light call, a naked woman came out of the smoke! The woman wears long black hair, has the appearance of sinking fish and falling geese, and the attractive figure of Ana, just like a nine-day fairy coming down to earth. In particular, her clever smile made Chu feel very familiar and made him tremble. This woman appeared in his memory countless times, appeared in his sleep, lingering, not easy to forget, almost occupied his entire life space, and even cursed him! The woman was getting closer and closer, showing her irresistible charm and said with a smile,mobile racking systems, "Xiao Chu, you promised to be the slave of my love forever. How could you forget?"? Come on! Come back to me. Chu mercilessly warned himself subconsciously: "No!"! Unable! This woman is a devil, a demon. But the naked body in front of us is so attractive that any man can't resist it. Even steel will melt in front of this woman.