What Does It Mean to Be Separated Legally?

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Divorce, separation, and other family law problems are seldom simple. A qualified Family Law Attorney in Orange County has extensive experience and knowledge of family law. This includes alimony, child support, visitation rights, and child custody during and after a divorce. You need a competent family law attorney to protect your rights and the welfare of your children. Here is some illumination:

Legal Separations:- Legal separations do not necessarily result in a divorce, but they are seen as the first step in that direction. A legal separation is a mechanism to determine how separate lives will continue rather than the intertwined lives of a marriage. It may be seen as a trial run for a divorce, and it can also serve as a means of separating the parties in order to allow "cooler heads" to prevail. Frequently, couples rush to divorce after an altercation, only to later learn that if they had separated for a while, they might have reconciled and avoided divorce.

Drawbacks:- Legal separation does not result in divorce! Instead, formal separation is utilized to establish each party's distinct obligations and rights. Legal separations are intended to preserve each party's assets while he or she decides whether to divorce or reconcile. Typically, court rules are in place to govern matters like payment on shared property and child custody.

While still married but legally separated, spouses may continue to share medical benefits, social security benefits, and military benefits, as well as give a cooling-off period. Additionally, legal separations might be advantageous when religious convictions are not shared.

The couple may legally split yet stay married in order to adhere to their religious convictions. Legal separations are also relatively straightforward to turn into divorce agreements if reconciliation is impossible. Even with a legal separation, the couple remains legally wedded until divorce papers are filed with the court.

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