Women's Full Body Fishnet Lingerie

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That and around at the other side so that's why i said earlier on it doesn't matter which way your seam allowance

Make sure you're exposing the picots and pushing slightly to the right hand side now that I've gotten around to my cup seam here, and remember how we stretched the elastic between the cup seam and the strap on the first pass? You need to stretch it again on the second pass because if I just turn this to the inside black and red lingerie , I'll end up with a series of pleats here, so just stretch it the same way you stretched it before [music].Be careful at this strap attachment section here because it can be a little tricky; make sure you've got everything out of the way and smooth, and then straight up to the end of this strap where it tapers and the two elastics are sort of crowding each other a little bit, so I like to flip back this picot edge on the neckline trim out of the way so that I can stitch here and not catch that down.

Okay, so when I turn this, it does, I have to admit, start to look a little bit messy at this end but this is the end that's going to go through one of the rings to attach it to the elastic strap and it gets folded back and you don't see all this potentially messy bit here. Hopefully you can do it without making it messy then that's fine but if you do, don't worry, it doesn't show.


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I don't need to attach it to the frame the c my brakey pardon around here then i need to turn this up now depending on let me get that out of the way depending again on how well drafted your patent is whether you've used the correct width of elastic as suggested and how accurate your sewing has been so already there are a few variables happening here um it's possible that you may not have quite enough space in here before you get to this seam full body fishnet  for your band to sit if i were to turn this up first and i hadn't been entirely accurate and it sat here i wouldn't be able to sew my casing on if i did i'd end up pushing the edge of this elastic down it would all be extremely uncomfortable and this is the position directly under your breasts and this is where you don't want anything rubbing or thick or anything like that so just to be on the safe side in case i've done anything um accidentally wrong.



I don't turn this up until i've stitched on at least the first row stitching for my casing because if i have got not um i haven't left enough room here i can trim my elastic down so that it sits flat this isn't going to happen on here i can see it fits already but that's the reason why i don't do the second pass of the bottom band elastic at the same time when i've done the other two you if you don't want to do it that way as i keep on saying but um if you don't want to do it that way and you want to just do everything once and of course that's fine i just have been caught out before and thought well let's not do that let's just wait and see what happens okay so i've got my lovely pieces of um pre-shaped casing it's going to be stitched along this seam but it's going to be stitched on the inside edge the cup edge if you like of the seam and currently those seam allowances are trapped up here in the elastic so i'm going to snip this free first of all right at the bottom of the elastic be very careful use sharp scissors you don't want to cut into the seam you just want to free the seam allowances like that that needs to happen also at the center front like that and around at the other side so that's why i said earlier on it doesn't matter which way your seam allowance.