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Marketing for you. It has a giant marketplace that Red Bubble has actively advertised that you can list your designs on and all these top selling t-shirts.

I actually got two more for stop and buy, so shout out to the Nordstrom associates, Joanna, and thank you so much for always holding me down now that I'm eligible to win one of these tote bags.All you have to do is subscribe to my channel, like in today's video, comment your Instagram handle down below, and of course, be following me on Instagram and keeping up with my stories.


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I'll announce the winner there, but for now, here's a quick little haul: we have this Tupac tee on a Bay Club blank, and this tea is just so good.You guys might have seen this in a vlog a while back where I was trying to purchase it and we just couldn't come to a price, but uh, Juan ended up getting this one for me and we ended up trading for it, so Juan, thank you so much for making this happen.

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And then on the back, we have Jesus calling on Peter's life, and I was like, "Yo, that's a really sick spin-off," so I had to get it."Yeah, super fire tee, nice gray color weights like heather gray, very nice for summertime; it's also nice and light; single stitch next up, we've got to go with this one.First, we have this boxy-fitting Lakers Celtics tee, such


We have here The Lakers were rejuvenated, of course, and this was the team that fell far short of expectations. We were able to pick up two veterans, seasoned veterans, in Gary Payton bootleg tees , the glove, as well as the mailman, Carl Malone, but, uh, yeah, just an overall really sick shirt that does have that rap style aesthetic, and I know I just feel like I've been gravitating more toward these types of tees.

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"Sarah, there are so many print-on-demand companies like Redbubble, Teespring, and Printfy; I'm confused which is the best," I am frequently asked here at wholesale ted, and so today that is exactly what I am answering. I am doing a review of each of these print-on-demand companies, and I am going to be reviewing these four things: one, how each works, because as you'll see, they all work very differently; some are super


That you might need in your business three: I've ordered t-shirts from all of these companies, and I'll be comparing them to see who prints the best products that your customers will love the most, and four: How much do each of them cost? Which will leave you with the most profit in your pocket? Because, you see, there are two things that always make my day.

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They now make money for them, and if you read the comments, you'll notice that different users chose different print-on-demand companies to do so because, you see, just like there is no best business or best way to make money, there is no best print-on-demand company; there are just different ones vintage bootleg tees to choose from, and they all have their own pros and cons, so my hope is that this video will help you choose the one that is best for you all right, so let's start by reviewing RedBubThe first thing i'm going to do is, as i said, explain how Redbubble works, and that's important because, as you'll see, Redbubble works very differently to the other websites on this list, and because of that, it's going to be the right company to print onto for some people but not for others. So Redbubble is what i would call an all-in-one website. It does everything. It does the selling.