How to Apply BIS Certificate | How to Get BIS Certificate?

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The Bureau of Indian Standards is an authority, which includes three types of certification schemes - ISI, FMCS, and CRS. The products under ISI and FMCS certification schemes are quite similar, however, CRS is only applicable to electronic products. Here, let’s have a clearer understand

How to apply/ get BIS certificate? - before understanding that we will understand whether a BIS certificate - is an asset or a liability. Being a professional, we would certainly consider it as an asset because a BIS-certified product offers an abundance of benefits such as easy market access, reliable and safe product, easy acceptance, and more

ISI Certification Process

Before indulging in the procedure of the ISI certification, let’s commence with what is ISI Mark. It is a product certification scheme commenced by the BIS. ISI mark ensures that your product has complied with the prescribed standards. 

FMCS (Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme) Certification

BIS FMCS is the license that is granted to foreign manufacturers for compliance with Indian Standards. 

For the sale of certain products in the Indian market, you are required to complete the BIS certification process, without which you would not be able to sell your products in the Indian market. 

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

Under this scheme, electronic products, either imported or produced domestically, need to comply with the BIS standards. 

The conformity of the product will be issued after the examination and analysis of the samples and documentation for BIS registration.

How Will We Help in BIS Certification?

  • Our BIS certification consultants will assist you to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS.
  • For comprehensible guidance, our BIS certification consultants will first scrutinize the certification requirements of a product. 
  • We will provide you with information regarding the number of samples required for product testing because product sample requirement differs depending on product type.
  • Our BIS certification consultants will educate you about the BIS certification process, benefits, and documents required, including any queries you may have regarding the same.
  • Being a reputed BIS consultant, we will provide you with technical and non-technical support.
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Understanding how to apply/ get a BIS certificate is quite challenging considering that it includes proper knowledge of the certification processes, an understanding of different standards on products, meeting distinct compliance requirements, and more. With that, the comprehensive processes of each certification scheme make it tough for a layman to have knowledge of each aspect related to BIS certification, we would ask you to contact a professional assistant - JR Compliance.

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