LCD Digital Signage

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Looking for a Profesional Digital Signage company in Singapore? ZoomVisual is System integrator and Digital Signage Supplier to provides ALL kinds of Digital Signage Solution and LED & LCD Display Screen Soluti

LED Display Screen

Standing Mobile Kiosk

Designed for digital advertisement, entertainment and information sharing, the Standing Mobile Kiosks are perfect for events, conferences, trade exhibitions and retail environments. Whether you are looking for a digital poster stand, interactive kiosk for better customer engagement or a way finding kiosk, we have them all covered!

Standing Mobile Kiosk - Get the newest digital standing mobile kiosk at ZoomVisual, we provide quality Standing Mobile kiosks online at low prices in Singapore

Capable of running 24/7, our freestanding Mobile Kiosks replace traditional backlit printed signs with versatile digital capabilities. They come with ultra-high screen resolution, built-in Windows OS/Android OS, LAN and Wi-Fi network connection, and tempered glass screen protection. Their screen-splitting feature also allows multiple windows to display different visuals on one screen, enabling even more content to be shown. The Standing Mobile Kiosks can be permanently mounted in a place or designed with wheels for easy moving around.

Standing Mobile Kiosks are also ideal for wayfinding applications. Coupled with a multi-touch screen that enables a wide possibility of interactivity, you can now take digital directories and signage to a whole new level!

Digital Signage Display

LED Digital Signage Solutions allow you to do more than simply greet visitors and display timely information. Ideal for all public spaces, retail, restaurants, hospitality institutions, corporate lobbies, museums, trade exhibitions and others, they help you deliver content flexibility and efficiently. Made for maximum impact, they offer your audience an eye-catching digital experience they will never forget.

With their ultra-high picture quality of at least 1920 x 1080 dots, Full HD LED Digital Signage elevate the conventional viewing experience to a new level of delivering information and entertainment. Added to that, LED backlight technology helps make content will come to life for better audience engagement and better results.

For the board rooms and meeting rooms, why not step into the future with our interactive board with AR/VR video conferencing abilities? These all-in-one systems support multiple platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meets and come with enhanced audio and video capabilities.

With advancement in technology, Digital Signage Displays offered by digital signage companies are now highly cost-effective and affordable for most usages especially advertising. Select from our range of industry-specific innovations in Digital Signage Display and create the perfect tailored solution for your needs today.

Zoomvisual is one of the best digital signage solution company Singapore has to offer so contact us now!

LED Video Wall

Due to its versatility and seamless delivery of quality videos, LED Video Walls or video wall in layman's term have become more prevalent in recent years. New models are now designed with no bezels and finer pitch, thus creating more a detailed and crisp appearance and expanded colour capability. The LED Wall is suitable for all kinds of applications such as stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, retail, entertainment, trade exhibitions and more. Singapore's premier LED wall, Zoom Visual's LED Video Walls delivers high-performance displays that command attention.

When you think of LED Wall Singapore, Zoomvisual has you covered!

Our LED Video Wall solutions offer a variety of resolution options for both indoor and outdoor installations for your entertainment, marketing or branding needs. For collaborative environments, select LED Video Walls can be optimised with a touch system for interactive activities.

Large-scale, dynamic and visually appealing, the LED Wall is the perfect way to bring your advertising messages across to a broad audience in an open space. Zoomvisual covers anything LED Video Wall Singapore, so contact us and we'll provide you with the best services!