Mia Hamm Icon SBC Guide: Complete for 93-Rated Card in FIFA 24

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The Mia Hamm Icon SBC in FC 24 introduces a prestigious card to Ultimate Team, featuring a stellar 93 overall rating with impressive attributes. To complete the SBC, players must navigate and conquer 16 different challenges, each with its own requirements and rewards. These range from asse




Ultimate Team enthusiasts now have the chance to add a prestigious card to their lineup with the introduction of the Mia Hamm Icon SBC in FC 24. This is a first for Hamm, as she receives her own SBC in the latest installment of the game.



Securing this card will not be an easy feat, as it requires players to navigate and complete a series of 16 different challenges.



Throughout the current season, our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage of all SBCs. We'll guide you through the steps to complete them, inform you about the rewards you can earn, and suggest possible solutions. Let's delve into the specifics of how you can complete the Mia Hamm Icon SBC.



Overview of Mia Hamm Icon SBC


EA has unveiled a new Icon Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode, showcasing the talents of the iconic American soccer star, Mia Hamm.


This coveted Icon card of Mia Hamm shines with a stellar 93 overall rating . The card's attributes are noteworthy, featuring a remarkable 94 in both finishing and shot power, 93 in long shots , and 93 in acceleration .



To complement her striking abilities, Hamm's card is enhanced with a Power Shot PlayStyle+. For those looking to incorporate Mia Hamm into their Ultimate Team, it's crucial to explore cost-effective methods to complete her Icon SBC.



SBC Requirements and Rewards


To obtain the Mia Hamm Icon for your FIFA Ultimate Team, you will need to complete a series of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), each with its own set of requirements and rewards. Here is a breakdown of what you need to do:


  • For the first challenge, compile a squad consisting of 11 Rare Bronze Players to earn a Small Silver Players Pack.
  • Next, create a squad with 11 Rare Silver Players to receive a Three Common Gold Players Pack.
  • Increase the stakes by assembling a team with a minimum rating of 84, which will reward you with a 5-Match Loan Icon version of Mia Hamm.
  • Progress further by forming a squad with a minimum rating of 87 to unlock a Small Prime Electrum Players Pack.
  • Intensify your squad by including at least one Team of the Week player and achieving a team rating of at least 87, which will grant you a Mixed Players Pack.
  • Continue your efforts by crafting a squad that will be rewarded with a Premium Gold Players Pack.
  • As you near completion, put together a team with a minimum rating of 89 to receive a Rare Electrum Players Pack.
  • Finally, for the ultimate challenge, create a top-tier squad with a minimum rating of 90 to secure a Mega Pack.


Upon successful submission of the required squads, you can add the iconic Mia Hamm to your team. The estimated total cost for completing these challenges is around 2.2 million coins.


If you're considering tackling this SBC or have already completed it, your insights and experiences are welcome in the comments section!



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