Complete Golazo Hero Marquez SBC: Tips, Costs & Rewards

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The Golazo promotion in FC 24 Ultimate Team features the Golazo Hero Marquez SBC, allowing players to obtain a unique card for the legendary Mexican defensive midfielder, Rafael Marquez. The SBC requires including at least one FC Barcelona player, maintaining a team overall rating of 85, a



The Golazo promotion has taken over in FC 24 Ultimate Team as the Ultimate Birthday event wraps up, celebrating iconic moments from football legends.



EA has rolled out the Golazo Hero Marquez SBC , showcasing a unique Golazo card for the storied Mexican defensive midfielder, Rafael Marquez, that players can add to their Ultimate Team.



We're here to offer the most efficient and cost-effective methods to complete the Golazo Hero Marquez SBC, ensuring you can incorporate this legendary figure into your squad.



The inaugural Golazo SBC has been launched by EA in FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring the esteemed Mexican ex-international, Rafael Marquez, as a special Golazo edition player.



Player Overview


Rafael Marquez is celebrated as one of Mexico's most outstanding football talents, having donned the national team jersey in excess of 140 matches.


The legendary player has been honored with a 90-rated Golazo Hero card, boasting impressive attributes such as 99 shot power, 99 long shots, and a trio of 93s in sliding tackle, defensive awareness, and reactions.



Enhancing his prowess on the field, Marquez's card features two advanced PlayStyles+: Dead Ball and Finesse, further augmenting his dominance during gameplay.



SBC Requirements and Rewards


For those looking to bolster their Ultimate Team lineup with a stellar player, the Golazo Hero Marquez SBC offers an exciting opportunity. Here's how you can snag this player without breaking the bank:


  • You must include at least one player from FC Barcelona in your squad.
  • The team's overall rating should be no less than 85.


By meeting these criteria, you'll complete the SBC and earn yourself a Mixed Players Pack as a reward.


FC Barcelona or FC Barcelona Challenge


To successfully complete the Golazo Hero Marquez Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must adhere to the following criteria:


  • The squad must include at least one player from LaLiga EA SPORTS.
  • The overall team rating should be a minimum of 86.


The prize for completing this challenge is a Small Prime Electrum Players Pack.





To successfully complete the Golazo Hero Marquez Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players will need to adhere to the following criteria:


  • Include at least one player from the Team of the Week in your squad.
  • Ensure the overall team rating reaches a minimum of 87.


In exchange for completing the Golazo Hero Marquez Squad Building Challenge, participants will receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack as a reward.



Team of the Week Challenge


To successfully complete the Golazo Hero Marquez Squad Building Challenge, players must meet the following criteria:


  • Assemble a team with a minimum overall rating of 88.


Acknowledgement: EasySBC



Incentive Offered:



  • A Compact Assortment of Rare Mixed Players Pack


Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Upon the successful submission of the necessary teams for the Squad Building Challenge, the Golazo Hero Rafael Marquez can become a part of your Ultimate Team, with an approximate cost of 307K coins .


Are you planning to undertake this SBC? Share your thoughts in the comment section!



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