How to Fix QuickBooks Install Error Code 1402?

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In this article, we share the best ways to resolve the QuickBooks error code 1402. So, dive in and stick to the article till the end.

If you keep getting QuickBooks Error 1402 while trying to set up QuickBooks Desktop and its updates, this is an indication of issues with the Windows registry. Although users of other operating systems may also experience the QuickBooks installation error 1402, it most frequently affects Windows Vista users. When you run across the error, QuickBooks will abruptly stop installing and display the message "Error 1402: Could not open key" on your screen. For step-by-step troubleshooting advice, read the article through to the conclusion.

A Brief Review of QuickBooks Error 1402

QuickBooks needs additional Windows components installed, just like other Windows apps. Users get error 1402 during installation of QuickBooks Desktop when the additional components, such as Microsoft MSXML,.NET Framework, or C++, stop working or have some installation-related issues. The QuickBooks error 1402 indicates that the installation key cannot be opened by QuickBooks. It could be caused by a number of things, including a corrupted payroll file, a damaged or incomplete QB installation file, absent Windows components, etc. Whatever the cause, it has a significant negative impact on the user because it reduces performance.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1402

We've included all the causes that can result in QuickBooks Error Code 1402 when installing the desktop application below: 

  • When installing QuickBooks Desktop, errors are frequently seen if some essential installation files are missing. 
  • In addition to leading to installation issues like 1402, the Windows operating system may also experience a number of additional errors if the most recent updates are not installed. 
  • Installing and running third-party applications on Windows requires Net Framework and MSXML. QuickBooks may show a number of errors if these components are out-of-date. 
  • Sometimes Windows background processes interfere with the installation of QuickBooks and cause error code 1402 to appear on the user's screen. 
  • QuickBooks error 1402 could be brought on by a faulty installation CD for the QB application. 
  • This serious QB error can be caused by corrupt installation files. 
  • Errors linked to QuickBooks might be brought on by complex Windows problems. 
  • Programs and apps may cause QuickBooks error 1402 if they have too many startup entries. 
  • Such problems could suddenly occur due to hardware errors as well. 
  • Errors may be caused by the Windows Registry being damaged as a result of software upgrades.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1402

When the error 1402 could not open key impacts your application, the following symptoms appear: 

  • QuickBooks Desktop error code 1402 is indicated by the deteriorated performance of the Windows operating system. 
  • QuickBooks Desktop displays the presence of error 1402 when it stops responding to your inputs, such as opening the company file. 
  • When you encounter this error in QuickBooks, hardware components including your keyboard and mouse may also become unresponsive. 
  • Other Windows software installations could potentially be problematic for you. 
  • The QuickBooks error 1402 notice and code will continue blinking on the screen, interfering with any operations that are currently being performed. 
  • The user's ability to perform tasks may occasionally be interrupted by active Windows applications that crash, hang, or freeze.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error 1402

Method 1: Setup Windows Registry Settings 

  • When the Run window appears, use Windows + R on the keyboard and type regedit
  • Click OK or press Enter
  • Before making any changes, be careful to create a registry backup
  • Choose Export by selecting the File tab at the top. 
  • Give the backup file a name and save it to your Desktop. 
  • Go to the following location in Windows Registry's left side panel: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes
  • From the Edit section, click Permissions
  • Under the Advanced section, select Add
  • For each object name, choose Everyone, and then click OK
  • After selecting Full Control, close Registry Editor
  • If QuickBooks installation error 1402 still occurs, try running an update for QuickBooks and then go to the next repair step.

Method 2: Upgrade Windows 

  • On your computer, go to the bottom left and click the Start button, which is the Windows icon. 
  • Search for the Check for Updates tab. 
  • To find the updates that are available, open the result for "Check for Updates" and click it. 
  • To make the changes and keep them effective, restart your system after installing any pending updates. 

Winding Up!!!

QuickBooks error 1402 troubleshooting may take several attempts and knowledge of the Windows operating system. However, if the error still occurs after trying every troubleshooting method, we advise users to contact Support. For assistance in fixing such installation issues, call us at +1-800-615-2347.

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