Genshin Impact Chart Shows Dehya and Cyno Overall Banner Sales

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A Genshin Impact chart shows the general banner revenue for the first banner of update 3.5 that featured Cyno and also the new character Dehya.

A Genshin Impact chart has revealed how well the Dehya and Cyno double banners did when it comes to revenue. The banner was built for a regular duration and also lasted from February 28 to March 21. The game's Limited Character Banners usually include two five-star and three four-star characters.

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Four stars tend to be easier to acquire because they run on the 10-wish pity, however, the odds are divided between three units. The only new playable character within the first part of Genshin Impact was the five-star Pyro user Dehya who played a crucial role within the recent Sumeru story arc.

A Genshin Impact fan has shared a fascinating chart that shows the general sales amounts of the previous Dehya and Cyno double banners. Fans declare that while they were expecting the banner to possess lower sales, they did not expect that Dehya and Cyno would go ahead and take 31st just right on the all-time revenue list. There are many reasons behind the banner's poor performance, however, the main first is probably that HoYoverse confirmed that Dehya will join the Standard Banner after Genshin Impact update 3.5 ends. This means that it will likely be much harder for players to get constellations for Dehya in the future because it is highly unlikely that they will make a reappearance around the limited banner.

Some fans also have stated they skipped the banner since there is a high chance they will get Dehya by losing a 50-50 around the limited banner in the future. This banner can also be sandwiched between your releases of extremely popular characters. The second part of the previous update 3.4 featured Hu Tao and Yelan on the double banner that was able to smash Genshin Impact's overall revenue record.

A large number of players should also save up some additional Primogems for the next month or two as HoYoverse confirmed the arrival of the long-awaited Dendro user Baizhu. Credible leakers have said the Dendro Archon Nahida can also be rumored to appear within the first half of the upcoming Genshin Impact update 3.6 alongside the Hydro user Nilou. The Electro user Cyno who accompanied Dehya can also be not too popular within the community.

Similar to Dehya, Cyno is recognized as a "selfish DPS" meaning he does not provide just about any utility if he's not around the field. Players may have the option to get a new four-star character within the second part of the ongoing update 3.5. His name is Mika, and he is confirmed to be a part of the upcoming four-star lineup alongside Diona and Sucrose.

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