Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Spiral Abyss Enemies for Version 3.6

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A new leak from Genshin Impact details the enemies and buffs planned for the newest version of the Spiral Abyss in Version 3.6.

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed the lineup of enemies for the upper floors from the Spiral Abyss in Version 3.6, along with the new Ley Line effects. The Spiral Abyss can serve as the most significant type of endgame content for that massively popular HoYoverse RPG, tasking players with tackling floors full of powerful enemies. The floors also boast several unique buffs for various elements and reactions, encouraging players to construct teams around each cycle. Now, fans are becoming a teaser of the items to expect from the following update.

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The newest change to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss continues to be met having a fair share of controversy from players, particularly the outrageous floor from the dungeon. The current final chamber of Floor 12 features the sport's recently added Setekh Wenut world boss, introduced alongside Version 3.4's expansion of Sumeru's desert. The boss has seen largely negative feedback from fans, annoyed by its frequent invulnerability through burrowing underground and it is unintuitive gameplay. Now, the controversial boss appears to be on its way out for Version 3.6.

A recent update from Genshin Impact leaker has revealed the tentative lineup for Version 3.6's Spiral Abyss. Floor 11 contains a number of both old and new enemies, combining classic creatures such as the Hydro Mimics and Fatui Skirmishers using the newly introduced Hilichurl Rogues coming with Version 3.6. Floor 12 sees a switch to its boss rotation using the later stages from the top floor featuring the Aeonblight Drake, the Sumeru desert's Algorithm World Boss, and three forms from the Maguu Kenki. The new version of the Spiral Abyss is anticipated to debut alongside the launch of Version 3.6 the following month.

As with each Spiral Abyss phase, the newest switch to Genshin Impact's endgame content will feature several unique buffs to influence team building. April's Phase 2 buffs will deal a little shockwave of harm around a person after taking damage and having a 0.8-second cooldown. May will feature incentives for Genshin Impact's Bloom reactions with Phase 1 giving a stacking boost on Bloom, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom damage. Phase 2 provides a powerful buff to any or all characters after taking damage from Bloom reactions, helping the party's Elemental Mastery by 200.

The Spiral Abyss lineup can serve as just one of several changes visiting Genshin Impact's next update. Version 3.6 will introduce two new Dendro characters to the game with both long-awaited Baizhu and Kaveh added to the roster. The update can also be planned to feature the following expansion towards the Sumeru Desert, pushing the boundaries from the desert region further toward the north. Version 3.6 looks to possess plenty available for fans of Genshin Impact between new characters and content.

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