Weebly vs GoDaddy- Is There A Need For Speed (2022)?

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Weebly, which was recently acquired by the Square payment gateway, is largely focused on eCommerce. You may also use Weebly to create a fully bespoke website thanks to some nice-looking themes and a simple drag-and-drop editor.

The website builders GoDaddy vs Weebly specialize in assisting small businesses in developing their websites and online presences. But, despite their similarities, they also have some distinctions – and you should do some study before deciding which one to choose.

Weebly, which was recently acquired by the Square payment gateway, is largely focused on eCommerce. You may also use Weebly to create a fully bespoke website thanks to some nice-looking themes and a simple drag-and-drop editor.

In the meantime, GoDaddy's website builder invests heavily in marketing. It's a one-stop-shop for all things company, including a website builder, an eCommerce platform, social media posting, and email marketing.


Ease of Use- GoDaddy vs Weebly

Website builders exist to make it easier for people to get online. Naturally, some are more user-friendly than others, so we put Weebly and GoDaddy to the test to see which is the most user-friendly.

Weebly's template customization is done with drag-and-drop. This makes personalizing your website a breeze. Weebly also gives you access to a library of thousands of apps that you can install with a single click. GoDaddy's 'GoCentral' ADI allows users to construct a website in minutes, which they can then modify to their liking. It normally takes less than an hour to complete the editing process, making it a very quick and painless experience.

Weebly is a little bit easier to utilize than GoDaddy. GoCentral requires very little effort to use, with only a few clicks and questions required to create your site. Weebly is equally simple to use, but it can't compete with GoDaddy's user experience.


Stunning Features- Weebly vs GoDaddy website builder

  •         Ecommerce- Weebly proved to be the best value for money when it comes to creating an online store in our tests. Its simple interface makes it simple to get started selling online, but it lacks large data tools like inventory management. In general, it's for small enterprises looking for a simple and pleasurable user experience.

GoDaddy is the quickest option to set up an online store thanks to its ADI. Although you may now sell digital products, the majority of its eCommerce tools still fall short of those found on other platforms in terms of quality and breadth.

  •         Marketing- Weebly has a great service called 'Weebly Promote' that assists you in creating efficient email campaigns. It provides you with copy and templates, as well as the ability to schedule your emails.

If you're concerned about pricing, don't worry. Weebly Promote offers a free trial, and after that, prices start at $8 a month. While GoDaddy also allows you to create email campaigns, without a dedicated tool like Weebly, it falls short when compared to Weebly.

  •         Blogging- In the blogging area, Weebly outperforms GoDaddy. You can quickly create and publish content using Weebly, which also includes a search function, an RSS feed, social bookmarking, a comments section, and more.

While GoDaddy allows you to categorize your blog, track its performance, and include an RSS feed, there isn't much else you can do with it.


Pricing- Weebly vs GoDaddy

Weebly and GoDaddy both have four premium plans with increasing levels of business and website-building features. Weebly's premium plans cost $5 to $38 a month, while GoDaddy's website builder costs $6.99 to $17.49 per month.

Furthermore, Weebly has a completely free plan that allows you to create a complete website without spending any money. GoDaddy does not have a free plan, however, each of its plans comes with a 14-day free trial. Each plan allows you to personalize with the same tools, but if you want to build a company website, you'll need to be on the Standard or higher plan. SSL Certificates and more SEO assistance are included in the higher tiers.

When comparing features and pricing options, both platforms offer decent value for money, but Weebly wins due to its free plan. Although GoDaddy is a low-cost choice, Weebly allows you to design a fantastic website for free, as well as access a variety of free apps.


Help and Support- GoDaddy vs Weebly website builder

You're going to run across certain issues that need to be resolved promptly, as with anything tech. With this in mind, we examined each builder's level of assistance and support.

It's a toss-up when it comes to customer service. Weebly offers email, phone, and live chat help, but only between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (PT). GoDaddy, on the other hand, offers phone help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a live chat option, but no email support. In this category, Weebly wins the gold medal. GoDaddy does not give email assistance, although both website builders provide live chat, phone support, and help centers. Furthermore, as compared to Weebly's support area, it is more complicated to explore.


Weebly vs GoDaddy- Conclusion

We've placed Weebly and GoDaddy against each other in every important aspect of website creation. We dug deep into each platform to find out what makes it tick, using our professional knowledge and the findings of our user testing. Weebly is for anyone who wants to create a stunning website with minimal work and without breaking the bank in the process. GoDaddy's ADI is for customers who want to get a website up and running quickly and aren't concerned with the design process. Check out JanBask Digital Desk if you want to build a business website.




Is it possible to make a bilingual website using both Weebly and GoDaddy?

Yes, you certainly can. You may design your website in several languages with Weebly's App Center, which has several apps.

Although GoDaddy does not provide app integrations, you can still change the language of your website by going to your homepage and selecting the nation or language you want to use.


Which one is best for an online store?

Weebly and GoDaddy both have the tools needed to host an online store, but Weebly is the better option. Their eCommerce options are more advanced than those offered by GoDaddy and are ideal for a small business.


Which option is the most adaptable?

If you're a small business trying to expand, Weebly is the finest option. It has many trendy business-related themes.