Genshin Impact: 5 Characters Every Player Should Have (March 2023)

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Genshin Impact has numerous playable characters, just a few of them are absolute necessities for players because of how strong and flexible they're.

Genshin Impact’s many characters can be very overwhelming because of their various abilities and just how they work on the field. There are, however, several heroes in developer HoYoverse’s RPG which are so powerful and versatile that they fit into most team compositions. This makes them must-haves for just about any player – even if they're 5-star characters. Of course, they will not squeeze into team comps by which their Element doesn't react or play a huge role, but many of them can grant a benefit in the area.

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While some are very well-known in the community for their versatility, like Bennett in Genshin Impact, others obtain the spotlight because of the mere fact that they're 5-star heroes. It is important to acknowledge, however, many 5-star characters perform quite poorly. Nonetheless, several of them ought to be on players’ radars so they pull on their behalf every time there's a banner rerun. Some of the greatest Genshin Impact characters can actively change how every team operates, either with supporting skills or extra damage output.

5. Bennett

As discussed earlier, Bennett is an absolute necessity in Genshin Impact. While characters like Barbara and Kokomi offer more direct healing, Bennett not just restores they’s HP but additionally acts as a very helpful Pyro enabler. With him, players can trigger high-damaging reactions, for example, Burgeon, Overload, and Melt. They should, however, be skeptical of taking Bennett to C6 in Genshin Impact, because of the fact of how his Burst at this Constellation level can override other Elemental infusions. The best facet of Bennett is the fact that he is a 4-star F2P (Free-to-play) character and becoming him to C5 isn't very difficult.

Additionally, Bennett can also be fairly easy to construct in Genshin Impact. The Mondstadt hero can operate well having a variety of weapons, along with a decent Artifact build for him that can be acquired without a lot of grinding, as opposed to several more specific builds for other characters. Bennett should not just be on every player’s roster but additionally leveled and built enough to ensure that he can be inserted into the majority of their team comps.

4. Zhongli

Having Zhongli in Genshin Impact is indispensable for many players, even people who do not operate with Geo teams. Liyue’s Archon may be the game’s best shielder to date and even heroes such as the popular Diona or Noelle don't reach their potential. While his best attribute is unlocked with C2, which allows him to shield other players’ characters in Co-op mode, a C0 works perfectly acceptable for solo play. When his Elemental Skill is charged, he generates a powerful over shield for the whole party, along with having a pillar that constantly pulses Geo and generates shield Crystals. This allows them to have two shields up simultaneously.

Along with this, Zhongli’s best build in Genshin Impact is extremely easy to obtain, since players may wish to invest solely in HP. As such, Artifact farming is very simple and not determined by other stats. He doesn't have many weapon options about his shielder build, but one of these is the 3-star Black Tassel. This polearm can provide him a 46.9% boost to HP, which could significantly enhance the resistance of his shields. It can also be acceptable to sacrifice a little portion of HP through Artifacts to create him more efficient with damage dealing, however, the fact is the fact that the character matches with any team.

3. Arataki Itto

Another great Geo character that each Genshin Impact player must have is Arataki Itto. While his personality may speak much louder than his gameplay, the fact is the fact that he is a powerhouse DPS that shouldn't be underestimated. Even at C0, Genshin Impact’s Arataki Itto may cause massive levels of damage without much effort. Of course, using a decent Artifact build and giving him a powerful weapon is important for this outcome, but the younger crowd works well with most teams when used because of the main DPS. He is especially strong with Geo comps, however, can work having a variety of additional factors as well.

His Geo Vision won't react with additional factors beyond the development of shield Crystals, however, these will keep him alive and well. When paired up having a proper sub-DPS and several supporting characters, Arataki Itto has got the potential to be among Genshin Impact’s best DPS characters with a long shot. Another reason to possess him is not put on combat itself, but entertainment. He may be the RPG’s most charismatic hero along with a hilarious one at this, so having him make funny remarks while playing is simply another reason players should have him.

2. Yelan

Yelan is a supreme sub-DPS and among the best characters within the whole game, which will make her indispensable for those players as well as their respective playstyles. The Hydro character from Liyue can not just provide them with an immense supply of off-field Hydro damage and application but additionally a steady recharge rate to help keep the rest of their Bursts up. She was ranked as among the best Genshin Impact characters from 2022, and consequently. Her damage output is impressive and also the amount of energy she generates can also be a boon.

However, the best part is the fact that similar to Zhongli, this character's abilities scale off her HP, so building her can also be very easy. Players will have to give her a lift to HP, whilst building around her Crit and Attack stats, and they must have a premium sub-DPS that can function in a wide number of teams. She can set happens for permafreeze comps, with Ayaka and Ganyu, for example, or many of the strong Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact. She is not particularly proficient at facing opponents with Cryo moves, but she will tear apart every other.

1. Nahida

The Dendro Archon’s attack power might seem unimpressive in the beginning, especially compared with this of Venti or Raiden Shogun, for example, but players should pull for Nahida whenever they obtain the chance. This Genshin Impact character may be the best Dendro hero to date, even when she doesn't apply much damage directly. When using her as a sub-DPS/Support, her damage output significantly increases. Her Elemental Burst is much like no other, and grants bonus effects depending on the team’s elemental variety. Not only that, but her Charged Elemental Skill can deal lots of damage whilst binding opponents.

It is a particular bind supplied by Nahida in Genshin Impact which makes her so strong. Her Skill makes opponents share the results of Dendro reactions. This makes her excellent for just about any team designed for facing multiple enemies. On top of that, she's another easy character to construct. Her focus ought to always be Elemental Mastery, so players have numerous Catalysts that offer her this bonus, and grinding through Artifacts shouldn't be a problem either. It is worth noting that a C0 Nahida is strong in Genshin Impact, so players should guarantee a minimum of one copy of her whenever her banner includes a rerun.

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