Linkedin Web Data Extractor Software

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LinkedIn Scraping Tools can scrape leads data from LinkedIn, sales navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter Profiles - You can Improve your business sales with LinkedIn Scraper

Do you need the best way to build a leads list like an Email Address?

Do you want to fill your business sales funnel with LinkedIn? Don't worry - you can now easily grow your targeted leads lists like email leads and phone numbers with new and targeted contacts every time when you need them. With the power of LinkedIn Scraping Tools, you can extract targeted contact information with available phone numbers and email addresses from LinkedIn, sales navigator, and LinkedIn recruiter profiles. By using these LinkedIn Scraping Tools you can export leads data into a spreadsheet (CSV, Excel, Text).

Why do you need to use LinkedIn Scraping Tools to grow your leads data quickly?

Most businesses and companies search for new clients' data like email addresses from LinkedIn in order to promote their business products and services. But they cannot use LinkedIn for manual collection of leads data because LinkedIn has a network of 720 million profiles around the world. How can I use LinkedIn? Yes, this is a very important question, if you want to give your business products updates to your potential clients and partners, you need their contact data like name, social ids, messenger ids, phone numbers, and email addresses. 

You will waste a lot of time if you start searching or collecting all the needed leads data on LinkedIn manually or one by one visiting each and every LinkedIn profile. That’s why LinkedIn data scraping tools are extensively used to automate the collection of leads data from LinkedIn.

Following are the best LinkedIn Scraping Tools for automatically scraping leads data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.

1) LinkedIn Leads Extractor

2) LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

3) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

4) LinkedIn Company Extractor

1) LinkedIn Leads Extractor

LinkedIn Data Extractor is the most approved and well-known LinkedIn Scraper desktop software for searching and scraping leads data from LinkedIn profiles and groups. Now in 2021, with this LinkedIn Data Scraper, you can automatically search or scrape targeted leads data, from LinkedIn profiles and groups such as LinkedIn profile link, name, contact data (email, phone number, etc), Website or blog URLs, Years established, Industry types, Address, postcode, country name, and so on. With this LinkedIn Data grabber you can also export extracted leads information data into .xlsx, .csv, .txt documents.

My Company’s sales managers have been using this software LinkedIn Leads Extractor for the last 2 years and it gives us splendid results by searching and scraping quality lead data from LinkedIn. That is the reason I recommend you to use this LinkedIn Scraper for scraping quality business leads information from LinkedIn.

2)      LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn and is the most influential and best social networking platform for quality LinkedIn leads generation. To get more benefit from a sales navigator you need to scrape the targeted leads data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. So, I suggest you the Best LinkedIn Scraper which is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor for searching and extracting the targeted leads contact data from LinkedIn and sales navigators both. 

With Sales Navigator Extractor you can search and extract targeted business Leads contact information such as name, Email ids, Phone numbers, Yahoo ids, Skype Ids, Google Talk IDs, and other leads contact information from LinkedIn and sales navigator. With this LinkedIn Data Scraper, you can export your extracted leads data into excel and CSV.

3) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

Why do recruiting professionals or recruiting agencies need to try LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor for recruiting?

LinkedIn is the best site for searching and hiring new and targeted candidates in 2021. So that’s the reason almost 80% of business recruiters are using LinkedIn recruiter extractor for the best and absolute recruitment for business recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor makes the recruitment procedure easy and smooth by searching and extracting candidate’s data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.  

LinkedIn Data Scraper can extract candidate's contact information data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn profiles such as name, email, phone number, message IDs such as Skype ID, job title, company contact details, blog address, industry, skills, country id and location, and profile links from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor can search, extract and save targeted candidates information into .xlsx and .csv files (opens in excel) .txt automatically.