WOW TBC Classic: The Best Hunter Pet for Leveling

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Different hunter pets in WOW Burning Crusade Classic have different advantages. When hunters fight alone or in small groups, hunter pets can act as tanks to prevent hunters from getting too much damage in battle. Today we are going to mention the best hunter pet for leveling.

Although there are many options for pet hunters, Wind Serpents is your best choice for upgrading. The Wind Snake family of hunter pets is an aggressive pet and they are remote. Due to this attribute, the Wind Serpent can enter the battle earlier than their competitors. In order to make your pet full and happy, in order to maximize its damage, you must feed your wind snake pet bread, cheese and fish.

Wind Serpents have a 7% damage gain, two damage abilities, and they cause magic damage. You can obtain the special ability of the Wind Serpent-Lightning Breath by running the Zul'Gurub team, which can be found in Stranglethorn Vale.

Attack ability: bite
Practical ability: diving, cowering, roaring
Special ability: Lightning Breath
Passive abilities: Arcane resistance, fire resistance, frost resistance, huge stamina, natural armor, nature resistance, shadow resistance

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